h-a-p-p-y-b-i-r-t-h-d-a-y (and Peter Rabbit, too)

I made my mom work for her birthday this year by forcing her to unscramble her birthday message (she loves Beatrix Potter, though, so she also got a Peter Rabbit reward).

Some ideas for your messages:

  • decorate a cake with a letter cookie message
  • let dry overnight and package in a large cellophane favor bag with ribbon and let the recipient unscramble the message
  • top cupcakes with letters and let kids at a party choose the cupcake with their initial
  • when dry, stack cookies in their message order, wrap tightly in cellophane, and tie with a ribbon

to make the bite size message cookies, you will need:

1 1/2 inch cookie cutter
frosting color (I used Americolor Electric Green, Electric Pink, Sky Blue, Orange and Bright White)
disposable decorating bags (1
for each color plus 1 for the white)
couplers (1 for each color plus 1 for the white)

size “5” tips (1 for each color)

size “3” tip
rubber bands

step one: bake your cookies
Roll out your chilled dough and cut out one circle for each letter. Bake and let cool.

step two: frost your background
Prepare a frosting bag with size “5” tip for each color you want to use. Mix colors and fill bags, tying closed with a rubber band. For each background, I simply piped a tight spiral. Let set about 20 minutes.

step three: pipe your letters
Prepare a frosting bag with size “3” tip. Mix white frosting and fill bag, tying closed with a rubber band. Pipe letters. Let dry overnight before packaging. I ended up stacking the letter cookies in order, so my mom wouldn’t have to work too hard.

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  1. Jennifer says

    Could you please share some of your creativity with me? pretty please? the bday cookies are too cute and the rabbit, well, work of art

  2. Cakespy says

    What a wonderful idea!! I love the Peter Rabbit cookie — my mom is a huge Beatrix Potter fan too, wouldn't that be a great gift?

    So creative and lovely as usual!

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