ice box cake

I. Love. Ice. Box. Cake. I know I’m a cookie gal, but I can’t resist ice box cake. Given a choice for dessert? Ice box cake will always win.

I have no secrets to share with this post. No original recipe. I’m merely spreading the ice box cake love. Ice box cake is easy to make and entirely decadent.

All you need:*
Nabisco’s Famous Chocolate Wafers
one pint heavy whipping cream
one teaspoon vanilla extract

couple spoonfuls of sugar

*Find the wafers in the cookie or baking aisle of the supermarket. If your store doesn’t carry them, beg and plead for them to. And please please use real whipping cream (not dessert topping).

Simply follow the recipe found HERE (whip the cream, blend in the vanilla. I also add a wee bit of sugar to the whipped cream and blend, then spoon a spoonful on each wafer, stack, line up in rows, frost with the remaining cream to cover and stick in the fridge for 6 hours). Be sure to slice at an angle when serving!!

Feel free to share (nicely)! While my blog's photographs and text are protected by copyright, I do allow (and encourage) you to share ONE photograph with credit to "the decorated cookie" and link to this blog post. PLEASE don't reprint any part of the blog post and PLEASE don't post a photo without credit. Thank you!


  1. Katy @ Pie Bird says

    Oh my goodness! I haven't seen one of these in YEARS. My family used to make this every Christmas as our "yule log." Thanks for this lovely post :)

  2. Marisa@make*happy says

    Looks interesting! Do you slice it at an angle to keep the traditional triangular cake slice? I would think rectangular slices across the "stripes" would work just as well.

  3. Chic Cookies says

    Had no idea it had another name, thanks Brisbane Baker! Yes, total nostalgia for me, too, Katy. Marisa, you have to cut it at an angle to keep everything in tact…I'm not sure of the physics behind it, though, it has something to do with the cookies standing on their edges? But if you cut it just so, you still get those great stripes! And by the second cut, you lose the triangle. Oh my gosh, that ice cream looks heavenly (I'm also a sucker for all things ice cream)!

  4. cookies and cups says

    so funny! My kids love ice box cake, but we do it with graham crackers and chocolate pudding. I bet your version is delicious!!!
    Can't wait to try it!

  5. bridget {bake at 350} says

    At our grocery store, those wafers are always on the end cap by the ICE CREAM! It took me ages to find them the first time!!!

  6. Chic Cookies says

    ok, all this talk about the yumminess is making me want to make a whole OTHER one! In the ice cream aisle, Bridget? oy, way to confuse shoppers. Sometimes they are easy for me to find, other times impossible. I think their existence confuses the market chains. I always buy them if I happen upon them, just in case they are nowhere to be found when I really need them (as has happened many times)

  7. MissNekoChan says

    What a great blog! You have the cutest cookies and marshmallows!! I hafta watch your blog now. :3

    Much love.

  8. Allison says

    I just have to say how much I love your blog! I received your book for Christmas and have been making decorated cookies nonstop! Thank you for all the inspiration!

    And you cake looks delicious!

  9. Emma says

    This is called a "chocolate log" in my house. And it's usually one long cylinder of gooey goodness. So good!

  10. ngilliar says

    Thank You sooo much. I have plans to make this cake tomorrow. Yet I have not made it since I was a kid, (I am 50+). Therefore, I could not remember exactly how to construct the log and the cookie box directions are vague. Your diagram has helped me so much, again thanks.

  11. Janet says

    In my family we use to use graham crackers and whip cream. And because graham crackers are bigger, they were turned the other way (parallel to the ends) so the long side of a graham cracker was the width of the cake. My English grandmother would make it for all her kid's birthdays (as they all happened to be born in July, the hottest month of the year in New York and she didn't want to heat up the oven).

  12. lynn says

    hi! i'm from Tasmania Aust…when we make this for adults to eat we brush the bisciuts with a little rum in milk…not too much as this made the biscuits soggy..a bit naughty but nice….thanks for reminding me..I'll have to make this again now…

  13. Chic Cookies says

    Oh, I like the idea of graham crackers! I might try that. And of course add rum. Adding rum to anything is a good idea.

  14. 【ツ】 ⒶⓃⓃⒺ 【ツ】 says

    This has always been my brother's birthday cake request since he was a little boy. Seems a shame we eat it only once a year…because it really is that good!!!

  15. Leah says

    How long can it sit in the fridge? I'd like to make it tonight but dont want it to be soggy tomorrow evening.

  16. Chic Cookies says

    The Nabisco recipe suggests 4 to 6 hours ahead of time make it, which is ideal, but I always make mine the night before serving and it works great. Then, the day after the party, I'll eat the leftovers, but definitely past its prime by then. The meaning behind the "ice box cake" is that the time in the fridge encourages the moisture from the cream to seep into the cookies, turning them into cake (or turning them soggy, in essence). So the moisture is a good thing. Just don't want too much of a good thing. But the night before should be fine :)

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