spring marshmallows

I realized Spring is nearing, as the other day my daughter pointed out the baby trees poking through the dirt. (The baby trees were probably tulips trying to make their way to the light of day.)

how to make Spring flower marshmallows

you will need:*
edible markers

lollipop sticks (optional)

*For the markers, you will need the following colors (possibly more depending on your preference): red, pink, yellow, orange, green, blue, purple. The food writers you find in the craft store may not have such variety. I like Americolor Gourmet Writers, found here at amazon.com or, if you go to Americolor’s web site, click on “Links” for tips on where to buy.

what to do:
Simply draw your flowers on the marshmallows. Insert stick if desired.

Some tips:

  • Let marshmallows sit uncovered at room temperature for an hour to stiffen on the outside. This limits the bleeding.
  • Use the very tips of the markers for the finest detail.
  • See below for tips on drawing the flowers. Don’t overthink the drawing and don’t worry about precision….there’s a lot of wiggle room here. Your flowers will be gorgeous, I’m sure!

1. outline a sort of circle-ish oval for the middle and four petals with the yellow
2. fill with yellow (without definition, this will look like a yellow blob)
3. use the orange to make highlights and define the petals
4. use the green to draw a stem and leaves

1. use the green to draw a stem and leaves
2. make a bunch of random dots in an oval shape (with tapered top) with the purple marker (unfortunately, I don’t have a lavender marker, or I’d use that…if desired, add some blue dots, too)

1. outline the tulip shape with yellow
2. fill with yellow
3. use the red marker to make highlights and definitions
4. draw the stem and leaves with green
1. use hot pink and just draw a bunch of mini lines in a bowl shape
2. do the same with red lines on top
3. draw stem and leaves with green

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  1. margo says

    I just found your blog on thekitchn.com, where this darling marshmallow idea was featured.
    I am picturing a bouquet of these brightening up my kitchen counter :)

  2. Chic Cookies says

    Thanks everyone! O' Jeanette, you so can make these :) thanks Katy and Ashley, and yay for the kitchn! Thanks for letting me know margo, I'll add to my press link…

  3. Jennifer(savor) says

    As if I was not craving spring enough!! By the way, tanglednoodle and I are announcing Eating your Words 10' this weekend. :)

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