pretty pink daisy petit fours

I made these pink petit fours with only store-bought things.

I never buy those 100-calorie pack treats and sweets. To me, if you’re going to eat three of them, what’s the point of all that packaging? But then I saw these packs of cute little pink frosted strawberry cupcakes at Target and I couldn’t resist.

how to make pretty pink daisy petit fours

you will need:
Hostess 100-Calorie Pack of Strawberry Cakes
box of white fondant
small daisy fondant cutters
yellow edible marker
mini white baking cups

*Find everything but the cakes at the craft store. I usually use Americolor Gourmet Writers, but the yellow edible marker from the craft store should work fine. Click the orange links above to see what everything looks like.

step one: prepare your petit fours
Unwrap the cakes and place in a baking cup.

step two: make your daisies
Roll out some fondant, cut out daisies (I used the tiny and medium cutters), and draw a yellow dot in the center.

step three: assemble your petit fours
Dab a dot of water on the back of the daisies and stick on top of the cakes.

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  1. Cookbook Queen says

    What a cute idea.
    I never buy those calorie packs either, but I've definitely eyed the pink ones.
    I'm glad you found a useful idea for them!!

  2. Sue Sparks says

    These are so cute! They would have been perfect for my little tea party:) I'm going to have to check at my Target…

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