how to draw on food: a cookie pop meal (my Project Food Blog challenge!)

Hungry? I am. Some of my favorite foods are on these cookies. And these are special cookies. Not special because they are unusual to find on this blog. Quite the opposite. Special because they are exactly what is found on this blog. And they are for a contest. I entered the Foodbuzz Project Food Blog!

See that icon over there on the left? That’s me officially entered. Nearly 2,000 food bloggers vie in a reality show-esque competition to advance to the next level. The final prize is $10,000. Wow. Imagine all the cookie cutters I could buy with that kinda dough. The first challenge? Create a blog post that defines me as a food blogger, that shows what makes me unique and that justifies my advancement. So I thought and thought about what that would be. And I made a list.

my blog
lollipop sticks

Of course. My how to draw on food collection epitomizes all of the above. Want even more epitomizing? How to draw food on food. And as a bonus? Lollipop sticks.

my plea to you, d
ear reader

If you like what you see below, I will urge you to VOTE FOR ME!! While the judges and Foodbuzz publishers choose each challenge winner, the Reader’s Choice (that’s you) winner automatically advances. The competition is amazing, so I’ll be honored with each vote cast my way. Voting opens on September 20th, and I’ll let you know where to go to vote for me. In the meantime, on with the cookies!

how to draw food on food
Let’s start with some shrim
p cocktail, shall we?
And of course another kind of cocktail.

I always have a salad before d

favoritefood, mac n’ cheese.

A little broccoli goes well with mac n’ cheese.

How about some fresh stra
wberries for dessert?

the supplies*

cookie cutters
lollipop sticks
disposable frosting bags
decorating tip, size “4”

white frosting color
food coloring pens

*Use your preferred size cookie cutter. I used a 2 1/2 inch circle and square. Find cookie cutters, lollipop sticks, frosting bags, couplers, and tips at the craft store. For food coloring, I use Americolor soft gel pastes, Bright White. For food coloring pens, I suggest Americolor Gourmet Writers, fine-line FooDoodlers and/or KopyKake sets. For tips on where to find supplies, click HERE.

the cookies
Roll out chilled cookie dough, according to the re
cipe, thick enough to accommodate lollipop sticks, about 1/4 inch. Cut out shapes and securely insert lollipop sticks halfway into cookie. Bake and let cool completely.Prepare frosting according to the recipe, and tint about 1 1/2 cups white. Prepare a frosting bag with a coupler and size “4” decorating tip. Fill with about half of your white frosting and tie bag closed tightly with a rubberband. Cover reserved frosting.Pipe an outline on your shape and let set 15 minutes. Thin reserved white frosting with a few drops of water at a time until the consistency of thick glue. Fill an empty frosting bag, tie closed with a rubberband, and snip 1/8 inch from the tip. Loosely pipe the thinned frosting on the cookie, letting the frosting run to the edges, encouraging as needed with a toothpick. IMPORTANT: Let cookies set overnight to stiffen. Draw your designs (see below for step-by-steps).
the drawings

how to draw shrimp:
1. draw a line with black
2. draw two curved lines
3. draw a trapezoid tail
4. draw curved lines in the shrimp and straight lines in the tail
5. fill the tail with orange and add orange highlight
6. add some light pink in front of the orange li
neshow to draw a martini:
1. draw an oval with black
2. draw two lines that come to a point beneath the oval
3. draw another oval in the glass
4. draw two lines and a triangle for the stem and
5. draw a red dot
6. draw a green circle around the red dot
how to draw salad:
You can’t layer food coloring pens o
r the color beneath will show (except black, which can be layered on top), so for the salad, draw all of the toppings first.
1. draw your salad toppings: orange lines for carrots, red semicircles for tomatoes
, purple curved lines for red onion, and black circles with yellow circles for eggs
2. fill in around t
he toppings with two shades of green
3. add black outline
4. add a plate
how to draw mac n’ cheese:
Unlike the salad, here we’re going to layer colors purposely.

1. draw some orange blobs

2. immediately draw a blob of yellow on top so the colors blend, extending the yellow blob bigger than the orange underneath

dab the yellow marker tip clean and fill in a rectangle shape of yellow around the blended areas
. draw the ramekin dish with black and add curved lines for highlights on top of the yellow and orange how to draw broccoli:
1. draw a short, thick, vertical line with lig
ht green and a blob on top
2. make the blob on top bigger with a dar
ker shade of green
3. add a black outline
how to draw a strawberry:
1. draw and fill the top with green (
a stem and three spikes)
2. draw and fill the strawberry shape with red

3. add a bl
ack outline and lines

Feel free to share (nicely)! While my blog's photographs and text are protected by copyright, I do allow (and encourage) you to share ONE photograph with credit to "the decorated cookie" and link to this blog post. PLEASE don't reprint any part of the blog post and PLEASE don't post a photo without credit. Thank you!


  1. bridget {bake at 350} says

    Yay, you!!! This is awesome, as usual!

    You know, I signed up to participate, but am going to chicken out! I'm going to have so much fun watching…and voting! Good luck!

  2. Imagination Cakes says

    Wo! wow! wow! Way to go! You have my vote. At the moment I have some down time from my little cake business so I plan on trying my own cookies. Wish me luck!

  3. says

    Voting for you now!

    Which food writers are your favorite? I want to order some this week but am not sure what to get

  4. Chic Cookies says

    You guys are too awesome. Bridget, guess that's good news for me, because you'd have been such amazing competition :) ! Stephanie, I have lots of opinions on markers. Love my Americolor. I'd say my faves. Most marker-like and ease of coverage. BUT, the FooDoodler fine tip are much thinner for detail work, so depends on what you want to draw with them. The KopyKake have both (fine tip one end, big tip other end), but I find they tend to run dry. One note, though, if you need two shades of green, you'll need the KopyKakes. The others come only with a bright green, KopyKake is the only one with a lime color.

  5. says

    Realized we can't vote yet.. you better tell us when we CAN vote!!

    Thanks for answering my question. I'll start ordering all of them.

    I love the Americolor Gel Food Dye.

  6. Amanda says

    I would be honored to vote for you… but how do I do that? I clicked on the circle but it was just a picture… is there a link???


  7. Chic Cookies says

    Voting starts on the 20th! But don't worry. I won't expect you all to put me in your calendars :), I'll post links when voting starts.

  8. Avanika [YumsiliciousBakes] says

    Congratulations on entering! That's a wonderful post. I actually had signed up to participate, but gave up once I saw the challenge.

    P.S – What program did you use to make those drawings?

  9. Chic Cookies says

    Avanika, I used the free paint software that came with my computer. Nothing fancy. I have zero graphic arts knowledge (and pretty shake computer knowledge, too)

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