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the Bundles of Cookies brown bag cookie lunch WINNER!!

The randomly drawn winner of the brown bag cookie “lunch” from Bundles of Cookies is….


And did you notice what cookie was added in the photo above?
The bonus cookie is:

Ding Dongs

Naomi’s comment, winner number 25 of 115 (those that fell in the contest time frame):
I remember when I was much younger how my mom would place Ding Dongs in my lunch box, you know the chocolate cakes with the white creamy center. made by Hostess… Yummm I can taste them just thinking about them.

Check out how clever the artists at Bundles of Cookies are:
Thank you to everyone who participated! I learned all kinds of fun things about you.
You like scrambled eggs on hamburger buns, pepperoni and butter sandwiches, gumbo, liverwurst, and ravioli sandwiches.
And you are fans of the classics, like pb and j, tuna, Little Debbies, Hostess, Twinkies, pudding and Doritos.
So many had lovely notes and sentiments that became traditions.
And there were some less than stellar lunch box finds, like a dog biscuit and a dead turtle. Really.

This was my favorite giveaway, because I got to read all kinds of crazy lunch stories.

And a great big sweet thank you to BUNDLES OF COOKIES !!!!

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  1. ♥peachkins♥
    Posted September 8, 2010 at 11:28 pm | Permalink

    cute cookies! Congrats to the winner!

    The Peach Kitchen
    peach and things
    blowing peachkisses

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