monsters!!! all over your candy (bags). and a free printable.

Even though I’m oddly horrible at wrapping presents (no, really, just horrible), I’m still a believer in the power of packaging. So I was happy to try out some sample packaging when Michelle of the etsy shop It’s in the Bag contacted me. I love the concept of taking a plain, simple favor bag and dressing it up. Michelle clearly has scrapbooking skills I’m seriously lacking (check out her blog HERE). So with my sample bags, I stuck with something simple to match my simple cutting and gluing skills.

I’m no stranger to monsters on this blog. See here and here, for example. But what really inspired me? These awesome brownies from my co-editor, Amanda, over at my other gig.

mine! no, mine!

And just for you, I made a free printable with all kinds of monster faces so you can make your own.

a little confused

how to make monster favor bags

you will need:
assorted paper or glassine bags

glue stick
letter-size card stock or photo paper
color printer

what to do:
Print out the monster faces. Cut out the shapes. Use the glue stick to stick on the bags. Fill the bag with candy. That’s it.

I always feel like…
somebody’s watching me!

I used the goblin monsters on the bags with the windows. You know, like they were trying to get the candy? I hope that was obvious. Mix and match the eyes and noses and mouths as you wish. You can also use the cut outs to wrap mini candy bars. I cut a strip of construction paper, glued it around a mini candy bar, and glued the faces on.

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