New Year’s Eve champagne cookie bites

Fill champagne glasses with these sparkly frosted cookie bites.
And if you are wondering if decorating tiny cookies is tedious, yes. Yes it is. But these are really easy, too.
you will need:*
1/2 inch circle cookie cutter
disposable decorating bag
size “5” decorating tip
rubber band
yellow food coloring
white sprinkles
champagne glasses
*Find the cookie cutter (this may be part of a set, or a fondant cutter), decorating bags, couplers, tips and sprinkles in the craft store. For food coloring, I use Americolor soft gel paste (Egg Yellow) For tips on finding supplies, click HERE.
step one: bake your cookies
Roll out chilled cookie dough according to the recipe and cut out 1/2 inch circles. This will be annoying. Bake according to recipe, reducing cooking time by about half, and let cool completely.
step two: prepare your frosting
Prepare frosting according to recipe and tint light yellow with just a drop or so of coloring. Prepare a frosting bag with the coupler and tip, fill with frosting and tie closed with a rubber band.
step three: decorate your cookies
Pour some sprinkles in a small bowl. Hold a cookie with the forefinger and thumb of your non-dominant hand. With your dominant hand, pipe a large dot of icing on a tiny cookie. Immediately dip the top of the cookie in the sprinkles.
step four: arrange your cookies
Let the cookies dry overnight and arrange in glasses. Add a tag if desired.

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  1. Victoria (The District Chocoholic) says

    Super-miniature cookies – so cute. I feel like I need to make these in a zillion flavor varieties now.

  2. {:miss v:} says

    Those are way cute! Are you going to post any New Year's regular cookies? I've been thinking of making some but wanted some ideas!

  3. *A* says

    These are very cute! I'll put them on my if I have time list for Friday. And I lol'd at your directions: "This will be annoying." At least you're honest! :)

  4. **Amy** says

    Love these! They are so cute and festive…like little champagne bubbles! I shared with my FB fans…I hope you don't mind!

  5. sugarswings says

    holy cow, so insanely cute…love anything mini…you know they kinda look like little pots of gold….(maybe for st patty's day too!)…have a super new years…!

  6. amalia says

    These are darling! I love mini's!!! Can you send me a link to the recipe?? When I clicked on it…it says not found…and I would love to try them out!!!! Thanks for sharing your darling ideas!

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