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how to draw on food: mod roses for Valentine’s Day

This design is so super easy. Switch up the colors for any time of year. You can use edible markers (or edible writers, food coloring pens, gourmet writers, whatever) on fondant, royal icing that has been piped, flooded, and left to dry overnight, or on marshmallows, so no need to stick with what I did here. For tips on finding food coloring pens, click HERE or HERE. I use the set of Americolor Gourmet Writers or the FooDoodler fine line set of ten.

For the marshmallows, just draw away. That’s it! Insert a lollipop stick if desired, and add a ribbon. I painted my lollipop sticks with a small paint brush and some pink and red food coloring. Find lollipop sticks at the craft store.

For the cookies, I used my chocolate cookie dough and cut out hearts, baked and let cool. Then I made my frosting, tinted it white with Americolor soft gel pastes (Bright White), prepared a frosting bag with a coupler and size 4 tip, piped an outline, let it set, then flooded with the same white frosting. To flood frosting, thin the white frosting with a bit of water until the consistency of thick glue. Put it in an empty frosting bag, snip the end about 1/4 inch, then loosely pipe on the cookie. Let the frosting flood to the edges, encouraging with a toothpick as needed. Let set very well, several hours at least, overnight preferred. Then draw your design on the fully dried frosting. For tips on finding cookie cutters, frosting bags, couplers, and tips (these should be at the craft store), click HERE.

how to draw a mod rose:

1. Draw and fill a circle with a pink edible marker and let set about ten minutes.
2. Draw a spiral on top of the circle with a red edible marker (for a thin line, it helps to use the very tip of the marker).
3. Draw a line for a stem and an oval for a leaf with a green edible marker

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