pac man and arcade cookies

My brother is turning 40. Wow. And I’m not far behind. Sigh. (Scratch that, turned 40. I wrote this in January.) My brother is a video game fanatic. He has an old school arcade game console in his basement that he somehow magically rigged up with a computer loaded with every arcade game ever invented.
And as he is familiar with every arcade game ever invented I could’ve gone any route with these cookies. But while my brother is familiar with every arcade game ever invented, I am not. My knowledge is limited to my ’80s video game years and Pac Man. Hence, Pac Man cookies. Though I also play a mean Pitfall, Frogger and Asteroids (for Intellivision).

you will need:

food coloring
circle and oval cookie cutters
decorating bags
decorating tips
rubber bands

white sprinkles

*For food coloring, I use Americolor soft gel pastes (Egg Yellow, Electric Pink, Red Red,Turquoise, Orange, Bright White, Super Black). For Pac-Man, I used a 2 inch circle, for the ghosts I used a 2 inch oval, and for the dots I used a 1 1/2 inch circle. Find decorating bags (the 12-inch disposable), couplers, tips (you’ll need sizes “2,” “3” and “4”), sprinkles and likely the cutters in the craft store. Click HERE for tips on finding supplies.

step one: bake your cookies
Prepare cookie dough according to the recipe. Chill, roll out and cut out cookies. For Pac-Man, cut out a circle, then use a knife to cut out a wedge. For the ghosts, cut out an oval, then use a sharp knife to make three scallops, for the dots, just cut out circles. Bake and let cool.

step two: prepare your frosting
Prepare frosting. Prepare frosting bags with couplers and tips and fill with these colors: yellow, red, turquoise, orange, pink, white and black. Tie closed with rubber bands.

step three: decorate Pac-Man and the ghosts
Using size “3” tips, outline Pac-Man in yellow and the ghosts in their respective colors (red for Blinky, pink for Pinky, blue for Inky and orange for Clyde). Let set about 15 minutes.

Flood cookies with the same color icing as the outlines. To flood cookies, squeeze some of the frosting from the frosting bag (this is easier if you take off the tip) into a bowl and thin with drops of water, stirring well, until the consistency of thick glue. Fill an empty decorating bag with the thinned frosting, snip 1/4 inch from the tip, then loosely pipe the thinned frosting on the cookie, starting around the outline, then back and forth in the middle. Let the icing flood to the edges, encouraging as needed with a toothpick. Let set well, several hours.

For Pac-Man, pipe a dot using the black frosting with a size “2” tip. For the ghosts, pipe two dots with white frosting using a size “3” tip. Then pipe two small black dots. Let dry overnight.

step four: decorate the dots
With white frosting using a size “4” decorating tip, pipe a circle and pipe to fill the dot. Immediately dip the top in sprinkles and shake off excess. Let cookies dry overnight.

Feel free to share (nicely)! While my blog's photographs and text are protected by copyright, I do allow (and encourage) you to share ONE photograph with credit to "the decorated cookie" and link to this blog post. PLEASE don't reprint any part of the blog post and PLEASE don't post a photo without credit. Thank you!


  1. likealightbulb says

    Oh my god these are sooo awesome! Your brother must have been ecstatic :-) I would have been. Great idea and lovely execution.

  2. SweetSugarBelle says

    I wish I could draw little tuto like that. How much river my life would be, lol! As for the cookies, wow. I'm going to say, you just radiate cuteness and it gets on everything you touch!

  3. Rachel says

    I found your site from DishFolio and my parents would absolutely LOVE these cookies! They are Pac Man fanatics (as in they play every night and try to beat each other's scores). I guess no matter how old you are, a good game of Pac Man always makes you feel young. :) I am definitely making these for my folks. Thank you for the idea and for sharing!

  4. lilaloa says

    What? No tutorial for an amazingly cute and detailed arcade game with balloons for a 40 year birthday?! Ha ha, just kidding. That cookie is crazy good though! And the rest of them are adorable as always!

  5. Lorraine says

    This is a great gift. I love Pacman and still play it when I am near an arcade by the shore. Seeing this brought back fond memories of eating pizza, and using many quarters to play for what seemed like hours!

  6. Cakewhiz says

    I used to love pac man! Actually, i still do…lol. I recently downloaded the pac-man game on my ipad and it brings back such food memories…hehe.

    Your cookies look awesome!

  7. Missie says

    I'm having a huge '80s party for my 40th, still a couple of years away, but I'm bookmarking this. Perfect '80s cookies!!!

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  9. Alison says

    Ok I am just now getting around to catchin up on all my favorite blogs. PAC MAN! We must be on the same wavelength, I just sent off pacman cookies for my husband earlier this week!! Had no idea that you had done some! Yours are way adorable!

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