Giveaway!!! Personalized Spatula (and a Coupon for Everybody!!)

“You’re so flippin’ hot.”
Thank you. Really.
But I must explain. That is the sentiment expressed by this fabulous personalized spatula created by Lorelei of the etsy shop, Lorelei Rose. I’m not entirely sure it’s directed at me, per se, but I can only assume that’s the case.
What would your spatula say?
Because one of you can win one. Just head over to my other gig at Edible Crafts to enter the personalized spatula giveaway. Leave a comment over there with what you would say on your spatula. You can even earn a second entry by Liking Lorelei on facebook.
wait…one more thing to tell you:


If you just can’t wait for the results,
shop the Lorelei Rose store now and receive 10 percent off your entire order!!
Enter the coupon code: FLIPPIN
(coupon expires May 30, 2011)

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  1. says

    I hope you saw my blog this am. I have given you the Versatile Blogger Award.. I love your blog! You always have such great posts!


  2. Anonymous says

    i don't think i can top what that one says – that is sooooo stinkin cute i would probably just have to copy! donna

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