Guest Post: 3-D Panoramic Easter Eggs from Cheryl of Sew Can Do

It’s a new season… Spring!! So it’s time for my Sew Can Do blogging pal, Cheryl, and I to pull a switcheroo on you at each other’s blogs. I dabbled with fabric, and Cheryl dabbled with sugar. Boy did she dabble. I’m loving these 3-D eggs, especially with the layer of geek. And so… here’s Cheryl!!
Hi Everyone! I’m back visiting The Decorated Cookie with an Easter-themed decorating idea – Panoramic Sugar Eggs!
When I was a kid the most awesome item in the Easter basket was always the panoramic sugar egg. They always looked delicious and beautiful. I still love them, so this year I decided to try making some using this tutorial. Of course, me being me, I couldn’t just go with the “usual” themes when it came to decorating. So here are a few of my own designs and how I made them in all their geeky glory.
Let’s start with the Pac-Man Panoramic Egg:
Yes, that is Pac-Man about to devour a power pellet inside. And good thing too, since there’s a ghost lurking nearby:
I used a red button candy for the power pellet and my trusty favorite, modeling chocolate, to roll out & shape the characters with a knife. Royal icing added some blue maze details and acts as the glue to attach everything to the sugar. The outer icing was piped on with a star shaped tip for the scalloped effect.
For Star Wars fans, there’s this Yoda Superstar Egg:
Yoda is made from green modeling chocolate with royal icing eyes and all the details are drawn on with a food pen. A small fondant cutter made the yellow modeling chocolate stars. I added a bit of blue icing and now it’s ready for a Jedi with a sweet tooth.
It’s even stormtrooper approved:
And for something more traditional, here’s the Little Duckling Egg:
I used one of the DIY spring candies I made the other day for the interior and nestled him in a bit of blue icing for the “pond”:
I colored the outer royal icing mint green this time and added a few flowers with a piping tip for outer accents. They dry really fast, so within half an hour the eggs are ready to display.
Now that I’ve gotten the hang of making these, I can’t wait to come up with more designs for future Easters!
Thanks so much for having me over Meaghan! Have a Happy Easter Everyone!!

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  1. Jenn Erickson says

    Pac Man, Yoda? Rad! Simply Rad!!!

    You did a beautiful job with your sugar eggs and I love the retro themes!

    Jenn/Rook No. 17

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