Oreo Cakester daisy petit fours… and a free bug topper printable

That’s a long title, but lots to cover in something so small. It’s been a looooong time since I made you fondant covered Oreo Cakester petit fours. Yikes, I first came up with these way back HERE almost two years ago. I include this idea in the book, so thought I would revisit them again today.

how to make Oreo Cakester daisy petit fours

you will need:

Oreo Cakesters

fondant (store-bought or marshmallow fondant)
food coloring (Electric Green)

sharp knife
rolling pin
confectioner’s sugar
edible flowers (see below how I made mine)

light corn syrup

to make the toppers you will need:
this printable

color printer
letter-size, white cardstock or photo paper
1 1/2 inch circle punch
green food coloring
paint brush
glue stick or tape
wax paper

to make the daisies you will need:*


food coloring (Egg Yellow)

little flower fondant cutter (3/4-inch)
1/2 inch circle cutter

*Or, find pre-made edible flowers in the craft store. For tips on finding supplies, CLICK HERE.

step one: wrap your petit fours
Knead a few drops of Electric Green food coloring into a handful of fondant very well. Add more drops and knead until desired color is reached. If the fondant gets too sticky from overhandling, let it sit uncovered at room temperature about 15 minutes or until easily pliable. Roll out the fondant about 1/8 to 3/8 inch thick on a surface lightly dusted with confectioner’s sugar. Dust your rolling pin, too, to prevent sticking. Cut out a piece of fondant large enough to cover the top and sides of a Cakester, with about an inch of excess fondant all around. Lay the piece of fondant over the Cakester, use your fingers to smooth the fondant against the top of the cakester and the sides. Use the knife to cut the excess fondant away from the Cakester. Tuck the edges under the Cakester and use your fingers to smooth the petit four.

step two: make your flowers
If you are using pre-made flowers, skip this step. To make daisies like shown, roll out white fondant and cut out mini flowers. Knead yellow food coloring into fondant, roll out and cut out 1/2-inch circles. Use a dab of light corn syrup to adhere the yellow circle on the daisy.

step three: make your toppers
Mix a few drops of green food coloring with a few drops of water on a piece of wax paper. Paint the toothpicks green, lay on the wax paper, and let dry. Print out the printableon cardstock. Center the hole punch over the square and cut out the bug. Tape or glue to the toothpick. If desired, tape two toppers back to back to each toothpick.

step four: add your daisies and toppers
Use dabs of light corn syrup to adhere your daisies to the Cakester and insert a topper.

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  1. Sue says

    I LOVE these! One of the CUTEST treats EVER, Meaghan! Love the bright colors, plus I have a soft spot for daisies and bees:)

  2. SweetSugarBelle says

    Sometimes it takes all that in a title. I struggle with that, LOL, I am SOOOOOOOOO long winded…These are so cute! I like them a LOT! You inspire me more than you will ever know, AND you make me want to go back to college and learn to work a computer well enough to make cool little drawings =)

  3. CraftCrave says

    Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the Cooking category today [06 Apr 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

  4. cookies and cups says

    how adorable are these!!?? I wish I could keep those darn cakesters in the house long enough to make something out of..*SOMEONE* keeps eating them…ahem.

  5. canvas art prints says

    What a really great post these are wonderful looking cakes and I bet if you didn't know what was in them you wouldn't expect oreo!

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