Sugarlicious sneak peek booklet giveaway!!

The day is almost here. That day that you have circled in red on your calendar. That day we’ve been anticipating for a year and a half. February 7th, the day that my book, Sugarlicious, will be on shelves.

(Remember, you can pre-order Sugarlicious.)

And be warned, dear readers, you will be inundated with all things Sugarlicious from now until then, and well beyond. You’ll be inundated with reminders that you can pre-order Sugarlicious, with sneak peeks and giveaways and prizes. Why? Because my publisher is so awesome and creative, that they are making lots of things for you (I can’t tell you yet, but very good things are coming your way). And also because I really, really love this book. And I really, really think it is full of all the information you want about decorating sweets. So much heart and work went into these 200 pages.

And lastly, I need you to make me a super duper bestselling cookbook star. Please?

It would help if you pre-order Sugarlicious.

So every week I’m giving something away. These prizes will increase in size and coolness as the weeks go on. I’m starting small. Well, “small” as in “potentially huge” because when I’m a super duper bestselling cookbook star, this prize will be worth millions…

A sneak peek Sugarlicious booklet
(also known as “Advanced Reader Copy” or “BLAD, Book Layout and Design” in the biz)

This 16 page booklet gives you the gist of what the book will be, as well as a couple of craft instructions from the book. And I’ll even sign it for when I’m a super duper bestselling cookbook star and my signature is worth millions.


(The real book will be available February 7th, so I can’t give that away yet.
This is a little 16-page booklet to give you a glimpse… just for fun. )
Leave a comment here before  
Monday December 19th, midnight EST
and let me know what you’re up to this week… baking anything? 
Thank you, dear readers! And did I mention you can pre-order Sugarlicious?

Tune in Tuesday for a sneak peek for everybody, a Christmas recipe straight from the pages of the book.

Feel free to share (nicely)! While my blog's photographs and text are protected by copyright, I do allow (and encourage) you to share ONE photograph with credit to "the decorated cookie" and link to this blog post. PLEASE don't reprint any part of the blog post and PLEASE don't post a photo without credit. Thank you!


  1. suburban prep says

    I have been baking a lot lately so I think I will probably continue. I have made and will make some more eggnog bread (which I give out as gifts). Also I will probably make some eggnog cheesecake bars and some mint chocolate brownies and some pumpkin items and saltine cracker toffee.

  2. Trula Haynie says

    I'm making everything: cake pops, thumbprint cookies, homemade bread, praline cookies, toffee, snickerdoodles, pecan sandies, pretzels dipped in chocolate, oreo truffles, sugar cookie truffles and chocolate dipped oreos. I know I have left out a bunch, but its too early to think. I'm making goodies baskets for all my friends this year. Merry Christmas!

  3. says

    The baking frenzy has begun! I spent all this week making candy…and today- the ovens have come on! I'd like to say it will end on Christmas Eve, but it won't. And I love it!!!!
    Congratulations on your book!

  4. the decorated cookie says

    Wow, three comments in and I'm already beyond impressed at how much you are all baking! Kind of making me think I better get in the kitchen this weekend. Also, I'll send you my address for some eggnog bread, pralines and candy…

    (By the way, I'll delete all my own comments before drawing the winner so that I don't win my own sneak peek!)

  5. Adena says

    Today is the day holiday baking begins. On the list for today is Oreo truffles, homemade marshmallows, hot chocolate mix, and eggnog cheesecake. Next week will be full of cookies!!

  6. Cristina says

    I am baking Ginger cookies, Truffles, Pumpkin Pie Cookies, Pecan Pie Cookies, decorated cookies, Rugelach, polvorones,and tres leches. I will love to have your book!! Thank you and Happy Holidays!

  7. Kendra says

    I'm pretty much done baking but I have lots of wrapping to do! Can't wait to see your book! By the way – can we pre-order it? Ha!!!!!

  8. MrsFoxsSweets says

    Im the past week I have baked cupcakes, cookies, made candy bark, cupcake bites,a cake, but what I am most excited about is the cookie dough in my refrigerator! I plan on practicing my cookie decorating skills a lot in the next week, I really need the practice! :)

  9. sue @ cakeballs, cookies and more says

    I have been making cake pops, whoopie pies, cookie bark and I even tried chocolate covered bacon.

  10. Jeanetta says

    I just preordered your book! It's my Christmas present to myself. This week i'll be making fudge for friends. My cookies are all done. Can't wait till February!

  11. the decorated cookie says

    OK, I really have to stop commenting or I'll have a lot of deleting to do, but had to say thank you, Jeanetta! And Sue, please send the chocolate covered bacon to my husband. :)

  12. Mia and Deniece, Boulder Creek Cupcakes says

    I'm baking nonstop this week. I seem to be obsessed with snowflakes right now, so there will be plenty of those in sugar cookie form and in chocolates. Then I always have my usual holiday cookies, like snickerdoodles and peanut butter brownies, oh and sugar jumbles, love those

  13. enelya says

    My darling husband has just bought me a cooking thermomether, so I will have to try making fudge in the next week. I also feel like baking and decorating some sugar cookies, so i will be of to the shop to by some supllies

  14. Lorinda says

    Thanks so much for the sneak peek. Your new book looks beautiful–and delicious!

    I LOVE to bake but with there just being the two of us (with horrible sweettooths) I don't dare bake often. That's why I love Christmas when I can get together with my Mom and bake to our hearts' content. I'm so looking forward to our baking extravaganza on the 24th–Nanaimo bars, seven-layer squares, shortbread, prailines, almond bark, peanutbutter marshmallow squares…

  15. Sgt.Pepper says

    complimenti, devi essere soddisfatta per quello che hai creato!!!!
    Questa settimana????
    Biscotti, biscotti ed ancora biscotti……
    A presto,

  16. Christina says

    I am so excited about your book coming out!! I've made pumpkin snickerdoodles (our new favorite cookie), Peanut Blossoms, and I am going to be making Pecan Snowballs here in a few days. I'd probably bake more cookies, but I had a couple craft fairs last week where I sold cake pops, an order of them for next week, and a request to try and make gluten free cake pops so I've been pretty busy in the kitchen!

  17. Vicky T. says

    I'll be baking pecan pies, making pepper jelly (if I have time) and decorating cookies–I'm thinking penquins and snowmen.
    I'm sure I'll love this book as much as I do "Cookie Sensations". Congratulations!

  18. Jen@thecraftingfiend says

    I need to bake some pies this week for grandparent gifts. and some mince pies for my husband – his birthday is Christmas day so he should get his favorite pie as well I figure

  19. Trish - Sweetology101 says

    I have been BAKING LIKE A MAD WOMAN!!!!!!! In the last hour I made eggnog, peppermint chocolate surprise and decadent RED velvet CUPCAKES for the bitchin winner of the cupcake club for his XMAS delivery…OH YAAAA and cuz I am SOOOOO CRAZZZZEEEEEEEEE I ORDERED ANOTHER BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have like 5 copies coming now WHOOOOOOOOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PS To the sugar ninja master – I made some serious bodacious sugar cookie snowflakes and snowmen this week and YOU will be SO proud of your little grasshopper done good!

    bye – I think I need to switch to decaf.

  20. karenb says

    I just pre-ordered your book on Amazon. They are offering a GREAT discount if you pre-order. Is there any chance I can send you a SASE with proof of purchase for a "book sticker" with your signature to put in the book?

    I hope this book is really successful and you get inspired to write some others!!

    Since I really love your blog and all the creative ideas you share, I'm sure I will be very impressed with your book!!! BEST OF LUCK!!!

    So what have I've baked this week –
    I have been VERY BUSY!!!
    Monday I made 50+ large 5-6" Sugar Cookies with my daughter. I was planning on decorating them but they seemed to have disappeared!!
    My daughter(home from college) invited all her friends over. Then my son came home(from college) and his friends came over. Needless to say, there were only a handful of cookies left!!!
    Tuesday & Wed, I made brownies, gingerbread cookies and pumpkin cranberry bread! I packaged these up for gifts and hid them!!! LOL!!!

  21. Anonymous says

    I have been baking every night for the past 2 weeks : choc jumbos , raspberry bars , jam thumbprints , truffles and of course sugar cutouts, gingerbread men/girls , choc chip cutouts and choc cutouts of every Christmas shape imaginable. Thanks to all the great cookie bloggers that help me along the way. Can't wait for your book. Merry Christmas ! Lorna

  22. Paula says

    I'm not entering the giveaway, just want to congratulate you once again on the upcoming release of this book and I know you must be so excited for Feb. 7th!!!! We are all very excited to have a copy in our hands too. Best wishes for a very successful release and subsequent sales of it.

  23. gmann says

    I'm going back to my hometown so I'll be baking like a maniac for my family!! I can't wait to make sugar cookies for Christmas..

  24. keshakeke says

    I am baking with my daughter! She is 10 and LOVES to help in the kitchen! We are making cookies,candy, and her favorite gingerbread house! So much fun!

  25. Angie says

    Im making some cake pops this week. I'm going to make them I to ornaments – round so easy to cover and I'll make different colors so I can use up some of my candy wafers! I have mini pb cups that I'm putting on top and covering with a metallic dust to look like the ornament's cap. Then I'm going to decorate it them with some icing polka dots and swirls. Always so much work but everybody always loves them and that brings a smile to my face. I can't wait for your book to come out. Happy holidays.

  26. Sarah Mae says

    Unfortunately I'm not baking anything this week.. but a good friend just brought over a basket full of goodies yesterday! I just finished my Christmas cards (99 of them) so I can finally relax!

  27. Heather H says

    I am baked out at the moment (and sick), but I have to make 2 dozen sugar cookies by Wednesday for my very first official order! I'm excited…but would like to be in the spirit too instead of doing it because I have to.

    The book looks great…and someone just gave me a gift certificate to Amazon…

  28. Twirling Chef says

    I just moved so this week will be filled with work, setting up my kitchen and hopefully I can spend Christmas Eve baking some wonderful treats for my family!

  29. webee says

    well sat dec 17th my husband and i did some shopping and ended the day baking white chocolate/milk chocolate chip cookies[his first time ever.he burned the bottom but they came out prety good for a first timer]i read instructions and tried to help with mixing but he wanted to do it was so much fun.what a great day!

  30. Cindy Soto says

    I have been making S'more pops for orders I have. They are my favorite to make. Next is my mini apple pies for the teachers at school. I cant wait to get your book! I want to be like you when I grow up!!! lol


  31. JLL24 says

    Baking is my middle name. We will be heading off to the city for our son's Bday, and Christmas. Since there is no oven there all goodies have to be made ahead of time. Nothing is better when my home smells of cookies, cakes and fresh breads. Love to see your sneak peak booklet…just from the front cover,it looks increditable. And hope your days aren't to crazy…and HAPPY HOLIDAYS

  32. Lori H says

    I have lots to bake between now & Christmas Eve. Pumpkin bread, cranberry bread, cookies, etc. But I will also be making your sugar cookies with my granddaughter. Santa is coming after all!

  33. Stacy says

    Congratulations on the upcoming release of your book! I haven't started my holiday baking yet… this next week is going to be a string of up-all-night bakefests. I'm going to be whipping up a bunch of deliciousness courtesy of Pinterest!


  34. love2read says

    Your book will come out the same time my kitchen is finished w built in shelves just for your book! I can't wait! No baking, kitchen getting torn up next week…

  35. Michele says

    Oh, forgot to tell you what I'm baking. Today, spritz/cookie press cookies, peppermint pinwheel cookies, gingerbread men!

  36. Beth @ Hungry Happenings says

    I spent an entire afternoon baking over 20 dozen cookies. I made you cookie recipe for our cut out cookies and dipped them in dark chocolate. Oh, they were delicious! All the rest of my time in my kitchen has been devoted to making chocolate, and I've made over 200 pounds. Whew. Is it Christmas yet? Hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas.

  37. the decorated cookie says

    This is Cristi's comment. For some reason, blogspot isn't behaving, so hopefully it works for me! Thanks so much Cristi!

    I'm sure you'll be a super cookbook selling star soon! To all of us who follow your blog and your sweet creations you already are a star! I've been busy baking and cooking all weekend and doesn't seem like I'll be stopping until Christmas day! Black forest cake, tiramisu, chocolate mousse cake, Galub Jamen, Ras Mali, 6 different flavors of macarons including pear, mulled wine and apple, cranberry, chocolate, mocha & pumpkin spice, also baking and decorating personalized chocolate ornament cookies, going to try my hand at pulling peppermint taffy to make red & white striped peppermint pillows, last but not least I'm making a taste tester cake for my best friends wedding. I'll be making her wedding cake in January! Congratulations on Sugarlicious! Can't wait to see it in print. : )

  38. Jean Badgley says

    I am baking and cleaning and polishing silver this week..baking is the only fun thing…would be fun to get a sneak peak to utilize in baking and good luck with sales

  39. RocketMom says

    Just found your blog through CraftGossip! My 8yr old daughter saw the cover of "Sugarlicious" and insisted it go on my Amazon Wish List. Can't wait to check it out! As for our baking, nothing too fancy: just sugar cookies for Santa this week!

  40. Anonymous says

    I can't wait for your book to come out, but until then…This week I'm making gingerbread men with a yummy marshmallow filling. I also love your idea for the mini cookies in a mason jar.

  41. Whitney W says

    I baked over 300 cookies this past week to give as gifts to all of my neighbors. It was so much work, but totally worth it! I'm still trying to decide what to bake for Christmas – perhaps a caramel cake? Or brown sugar cake? Decisions, decisions… Congrats on your book!

  42. Cheryl @ Sew Can Do says

    Did some holiday brownies, but am being incredibly naughty next week – I ordered some homemade cookies from a friend who is baking for a little extra holiday $. I'm 50/50 on whether or not I will allow people to think I made them ("Are they homemade? Why yes…just not MY home")

  43. Anonymous says

    I am going to be baking a lot of breads and getting ready to decorate cookies with the neighborhood children. My own children are grown…so this is the next best thing! Merry Christmas to all!

  44. Bobo says

    Congrats on your new book! I love your creativity.

    I have made some Snowman marshmallow pops for coming Christmas(got inspired by your post) :)

    Wish you a Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year!

  45. Terri says

    Ooo….Sugarlicious! :) Baked Red Velvet cookie cups, Oreo creamcheese cakes, banana cream cream puffs witg chantilly frosting! planning to make a whole bunch of banana bread this week for gift giving :) Happy Holidays!!

  46. Yvonne says

    I'm going to start baking lots and lots of cookies and cinnamon rolls to give away and some chocolate chip brownies. Sugar heaven.

  47. I'm a full-time mummy says

    Greetings from Malaysia!

    I have not been baking for quite sometime! The only time I used my oven is to roast chickens! Arghhh! Let me win, let me win!!!

    My email is: imafulltimemummy at gmail dot com

  48. Pink Little Cake says

    I have been baking this crazy this week and last week. I will be giving away lots of cookies and bars to my friends and Cami's teachers. I can't wait to get your book.

  49. Christine says

    I spent all weekend baking and decorating cookies and shipped them all this morning. I will be doing some more baking and decorating this week for family members that live in town!

  50. Stacey says

    I am going to be re-baking all of my holiday goodies. Apparently they were so good the firt time around that my family had to eat them ALL! This next batch is going to be hidden in a box labeled brussel sprouts!

  51. Lori says

    I have spent the last 2 days attempting to bake and decorate Christmas cookies for the first time. So far 3 batches in the trash. I found your wonderful blog by accident and I'm going to give a few of your recipes a try. Including those cranberry cookies that look so yummy! I don't know if the decorated sugar cookies I was planning on are going to make the table this year but I still have a few days and plenty of powdered sugar!! Thank you so much for re-igniting my inspiration and determination. I will be an avid reader from now on because I am already a fan!

  52. Lori says

    I have spent the last 2 days attempting to bake and decorate Christmas cookies fo the first time. Sadly it is much harder than I thought. However since coming across your wonderful blog, tomorrow I will be attempting the beautiful cranberry cookies you have headlining this amazing wealth of cookie inspiration!! Although my royal iced sugar cookies probably won't see the dessert table this year I will have cookies!!

  53. Anonymous says

    Oh meaghan it's looks like really beautiful!!
    I will buy in, I hope!
    Lots of kisses from Girona!!


  54. the decorated cookie says

    Thank you all so much! What busy bees you are!! Ah, Lori, I've had my share of cookies-in-the-trash, too, sigh. All part of the, um, joy of baking?

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