GIVEAWAY!! Sugarlicious sneak peek and marshmallow subway art

UPDATE: Congratulations to our winners!! Julia, Ruth, Maureen, Regina and Cathryn!!! Your prizes are on their way. And thank you to all for participating! There will be pleeeeenty of chances to win more great prizes, I promise.

I’m back with another giveaway to celebrate the almost-release of Sugarlicious! which will be available next month. To learn more about the book CLICK HERE. I know, I know I teased you with the actual book. Forgive me!! I can’t give the actual book away quite yet. Soon, though, promise!

This week is all about…. marshmallows!! Marshmallows are so quick and easy to decorate. Of course, there are plenty o’ marshmallow decorating ideas in Sugarlicious. By the way, have you pre-ordered yet? This week I’m giving 5 (FIVE!) of you:

a signed copy of the 16-page booklet thingamajig
(called a BLAD in the publishing world) that glimpses inside Sugarlicious
AND a bag of marshmallows
AND a set of FooDoodler edible writers
so you can make your own marshmallow art.

To learn more about the different brands of edible writers and their uses, CLICK HERE to see my prior post. For fine-line decorating, I prefer the FooDoodler 10-pack Fine Line food coloring markers. Did I mention I’m giving FIVE of you a pack? I give and give for the sake of food art.

Some tips on making subway art marshmallows: 

  • Gather your words. I did some that are Sugarlicious-related, but I also considered Valentine’s Day words, like “love,” “you,” “me,” “heart,” “sweetie,” “whips” (hey, I don’t know what you are all into…)
  • Open a document with a word program and type your words in a bunch of different fonts. Then use the markers to copy the words and fonts, making some words large, some small, some vertical, some horizontal.
  • If it helps, cut out a slip of paper 1-inch by 4-inches. This is about the size of a marshmallow if you were to wrap the paper around the side of the marshmallow. Then, plan out your subway art first. I wasn’t so precise and just eyeballed it.
  • Add a lollipop stick if you like.
And I made some Valentine’s Day ones, too.
And if subway art isn’t your thing, you can do a lot more with edible writers.
(to find the original posts and how-tos for the collage above, click HERE)
Do you decorate marshmallows? With edible writers or anything else fun?
to enter to win  
the sneak-peek thingamajig AND 
 a bag of marshmallows AND 
the FooDoodler 10-pack of fine line edible writers
(reminder, this isn’t the book itself which is out February 7th,
this is a booklet sneak peek that my awesome publisher made)
leave a comment here before
Thursday, January 11th, midnight, EST 
(Sorry folks, funds are limited so I have to keep this US addresses only!)

Feel free to share (nicely)! While my blog's photographs and text are protected by copyright, I do allow (and encourage) you to share ONE photograph with credit to "the decorated cookie" and link to this blog post. PLEASE don't reprint any part of the blog post and PLEASE don't post a photo without credit. Thank you!


  1. Katrina {In Katrina's Kitchen} says

    Meaghan this is adorable! Adorable!!!! I haven't played with marshmallows but I love this idea! I used food doodlers on some baby shower cookies and the crowd was a little nervous about eating them. They thought crazy Katrina was sniffing the Sharpies again. 😉

  2. Julia says

    I've made many different flavors of marshmallows, but I've never doodled on them or created things THIS fun! LOVE it!!!!!

  3. Gina says

    All I can say is I would be honored to win something that you use for your wonderful stuff. Like I said before you are my guru. Was just going to order some markers but I'd rather use the ones you recommend. Hope I am honored with a win. Great stuff. Just keep it up.

  4. gradstudentfoodie says

    I would love a set of those markers! I've never used them before but they look like a lot of fun. A sneak peek at your book would be awesome!

  5. Anonymous says

    These are really cute and such a great idea. My son loves art and this would be perfect for him. Thanks for sharing everything you do. You and many others have inspired me to bake and I'm truly loving it :)

  6. RobynM500 says

    Those marshmallows are so cool–I would love a set of the markers, and of course, I would love to see the preview of your new book.

  7. justabaker says

    Love those marshmallows! My son keeps telling me it's allll about marshmallows! I can't imagine what he'd do if I wrote on them!

  8. Cathy says

    Great idea. We have tried writing on marshmallows and the markers got clogged with the cornstarch they put on the mallows to keep them from sticking. Maybe we need different food markers (pick me to win :)

  9. valeri erler says

    I'd love to win. My boyfriend and I arent huge fans of marshmallows unless theyre roasted in the fire! I'm thinking of decorating them and then roasting them together when he arrives on valentines day!

  10. Snafuzled says

    I love your marshmallows! I made some sugar marshmallows for a class birthday. What a hit! Would love some markers! :)

  11. TheYellowRose says

    Too cute! I only decorate marshmallows with fire, and occasionally with chocolate and graham crackers…but these would be too cute for a chocolate fondue party!

  12. scoobie81 says

    What great inspiration you're giving us! My 12 year old granddaughter has developed a love for decorating and would absolutely have a blast using the "pens". Thanks so much for this opportunity!

  13. Pink Little Cake says

    I really need that 16-page booklet like right now. Every time I try to do something with marshmallows turns out a disaster I really need to learn to make something cute with them.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  14. Mami Dearest says

    Edible markers! How fun!

    The Valentine idea is too cute. My son would love a sweet little marshmallow note on Valentines day, since that's his bday and all :)

  15. Michelle says

    I'm so excited for your upcoming book! I've fallen in love with your blog, and have had a lifelong love affair with marshmallows :)

  16. MARGARET says

    I'm curious to see how these markers work, but I would be even more excited to get a copy of the book!



  17. says

    I have never used the edible markers, so I would love to win this. Of course, getting a sneak peak of the book would be the best part of the prize!

  18. Putti Amma says

    I would be thrilled to win this. love ur blog and Im sure the book would be great too…
    putti DOT prapancha AT

  19. Anonymous says

    I love, love, love marshmallows! They are one of my favorite treats! I just bought heart marshmallows yesterday as a treat for my grandkids. Love the idea of edible writing pens. Would sure make decorating a little bit easier! Can't wait to see your new book!

  20. Edible Wonderland says

    What an awesom idea !! I am always looking for new things to make for class parties and these are perfect !!

  21. Candy Lane says

    This is too cool! I just found your blog today and my littlest two children are sitting next to me (okay hopping up and down on the couch next to me) asking if we could try writing on some marshmallows for snack. Too cute!

  22. danielle040575 says

    My daughter and I made homemade marshmallows/hot chocolate for Christmas for her friends this year. Some of these would be fun to try for next year!
    Can't wait to see the book!

  23. karenb says

    OMG your marshmallows are too cute!!!
    Your writing looks "perfect!" I'm going to have to try this!! Maybe for now, I can "practice" with some stale marshmallows I have, and my son's Crayola Markers-these are NON-toxic!!
    Or, hope to win this giveaway!!!

    I'm really MORE excited about your book!!! I would be thrilled with a sneak peek and a signed copy!!!

  24. Susan1961 says

    I want to win:) Wow, I never realised marshmellows were so versatile! I'd love a set of markers to draw little messages to my grandsons on marshmellows, cookies, etc. They would love it and love to help me! What a great way to get them interested in baking AND helping them to write (well, the 9 yr old knows how to write but hte 2 yr old doesn't!)! I love your blog and your book looks so AWESOME! How proud you must be to finally see your baby "delivered" in all its glorious colors! Just the sneak peaks you've shown are great so I imagine the book in its whole will be a great help to those of us that are new to edible decorating!
    Thank you for your inspirations and ideas.

  25. MistyandCarla says

    I would love to be able to do this for our foster daughter's 3rd grade Valentine party. So cute…and…what kid doesn't love marshmallows! <3

  26. Beth @ Hungry Happenings says

    Fun idea! I wish my handwriting was as nice as yours:) I'm looking forward to seeing your book and would love a sneak peak.

  27. Tiffany @ Fizzy Party says

    GREAT tutorial on subway art mashmellows. My friend gave me some food writers as a gift and I've been dying to use them. With marshmellows ALWAYS in my cupboard, hello, can we say snack (I'd eat the whole bag but…) :) Can't wait to see your book.

  28. Christine says

    I would love to win! I can't wait for your book! I have your other one and will add your new one to my collection! :)

  29. pineconegirl says

    I have been so thrilled with everything I have seen on your blog. It has been so incredibly inspiring. I am totatlly looking forward to the book – should be a bit more portable than my computer.

  30. BodyByButter says

    Every year I have a Christmas cookie decorating party fot my daughters' teenage friends. This would be a fun Valentine's party to have with them as well.

  31. Lick The Spatula says

    wow!! i am so gunna have to buy you book. your art is amazing! i pray God blesses you and your family for you taking you time to share you gift wit us!

  32. Lisa (Lexi's Mom) says

    Couldn't wait, I've already pre-ordered the book! Counting the days until it ships! In the meantime, I'll just continue to wipe the drool off my iPad as I look at all your adorable ideas!

  33. XxcupcakexX says

    I usually make my own marshmallows a couple times per year. This year as dessert for valentines day (after being inspired by the chew today) I am making a giant s'mores marshmallow. The hubby loves marshmallows and what better way to end a romantic dinner then tearing into a huge marshmallow. :)

  34. Jan Lindsey says

    I love the subway art on the marshmallows and I make a lot of cake pops. I've yet to find a good edible marker, so I would love to try the ones you use. My daughter and I are big food crafters and she's a graphic designer. I will visit your site more often now! Jan L (

  35. Martha says

    How super cute! My daughter and I could have so much fun with this. Think they'll work as well on the homemade marshmallows I intend to learn how to make this year?

  36. Darlene Cullor says

    My kids would love making these! Awesome book, I'm very excited for you and the new book.

    Can't wait to get a copy.

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