from the archives: how to get rid of leftover Peeps

Look what I find in the depths of my blog archives… I originally wrote this post two whole years ago. Wow, how time flies. In case you forgot, what with two years having passed and with the overabundance of Peeps images on the internet that leaves little space in your brain to remember these things anyway, I thought I’d reprint the post today, in honor of all those Peeps sitting in Easter baskets everywhere.


Here it is, from 2010:


How to get rid of leftover Peeps


























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  1. says

    I’m so glad you re-posted this as I never saw it two years ago. This is hilarious and though I don’t have any peeps in my house, I kinda feel sorry for those left running for cover in other homes LOL!

  2. Susan says

    I love this post – so funny! Sad to say – I have never bought a peep, been given a peep, eaten a peep or really wanted to and I am really OLD! I know that peeps actually mean Easter to some people – they LOVE them! Ah well – chocolate is a good alternative!

  3. Sweetsugarbelle says

    You make me laugh!!! Send the old Peeps to me, I like them when there old and hard best!!! Grosses my mom out, lol!

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