ice cubes for Halloween… from my Celebrations Halloween crate

Posts without sugar are rare for me, I know. And these so easily could have been turned into sugar-filled sweets, but I wanted to test out my “Bone Chillers” ice cube tray the traditional way first. Almost the traditional way. I added food coloring. And it worked. Although my fingers got a bit stained popping them out of the tray, they add an almost beautiful, if eerie, touch to a glass of water. Sparkling water would’ve been waaaaay better. No, vodka would’ve been waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than water. Next Halloween, when this baby in my belly is almost one and I can freely chug vodka. I got my little Halloween surprise in the mail in the form of a box filled with fun things. It had this ice cube tray from Fred and Friends, some creepy plastic eyeballs, glow-in-the-dark paint, a ceramic faucet to make a pumpkin keg, and pretty Fall notecards from Ruff House Art.


This box of Fall was the October Celebrate Crate. Find lots more inspiration HERE.

And learn more about getting your own monthly crate HERE.

To make these ice cubes, I just filled by skull and cross bones silicon ice cube tray with water. Then I added a couple drops of Americolor Soft Gel Paste into each cavity (I used Orange, Electric Purple and Electric Green), then stirred a bit with toothpicks. Pop them out into drinks. Preferably drinks more exciting than tap water. The food coloring will spread throughout the beverage in an oh so Halloween-like way.

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  1. says

    If they stain your fingers when you pop them out, will they stain your tongue and teeth and whatnot when you drink whatever you put them in? It’s a neat idea, but I wouldn’t want to walk around a party with purple teeth.

    • meaghanmountford says

      Ha, brilliant point! Even for Halloween? :) But nah, I drank the water, it tasted fine, and no stains. It’s so diluted by that point when it sits in the liquid. It’s similar to cookie decorating. When I handle the food coloring concentrated my hands are stain city, but eating the cookies doesn’t usually leave teeth stains. Unless you’re my kid who does somehow get some food coloring around her mouth.

  2. says

    Ooo, love these and the colours. This would definitely work for Malibu and lemonade since they’re both clear [like vodka]. Perfect witches brew drinks.

    It’s be great for kids too with lemonade or sparkling water and perhaps pop in a halloween gummy treat small enough to fit in the tray. Like spiders or bugs so it looked like there were something else stuck in the hellish ice cube! :)

  3. says

    okay….how about a sprite and coconut rum with orange halloween ice cubes!!!! and a slice of pineapple cut with a bone cookie cutter!!!! and a creepy halloween straw!!! I need those ice cube trays now!!!

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