chocolate candy cane pops for Celebrations

  While I’m off having a baby in the hospital and through the magic of pre-posting, I’ll share with you a few posts I made  for Celebrations! Next up…

So this is basically chocolate bark on a stick. But so much cuter than a plain old chip of bark, methinks. And easier to make even? Maybe just a little. I want to make a jillion of these, I love them so much.

Find the full post with how-tos HERE at Celebrations.


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  1. says

    GAH! How exciting! Congratulations! Funny how you just slipped that in…….

    Take your time getting back and I hope we get a peek at your new SWEETIE!!!

  2. Rachel Kaufman says

    Wow this is a great idea! I just have to try these! It is just like peppermint bark just on a stick. They look amazing though. I’m definitely going to try to make them for Christmas! They are also going to make great decoration…that you can eat! The recipe seems pretty easy to make, which is good if you have to make a lot of them. Congratulations on your baby! That is so exciting! Hope everything goes well.

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