easy snowman cookie pops for Celebrations

 While I’m off having a baby in the hospital and through the magic of pre-posting, I’ll share with you a few posts I made (ages ago, because I’m that prepared) for Celebrations! First up…

OK, so maybe these look just a little bit like ducks. Maybe. But how many ducks wear felt scarves?  I’m hoping the time of year will make things more obvious, because these snowman cookie pops are really easy to decorate. The snowy sprinkles coat the white icing so you don’t need to worry about perfection. For the noses, I used orange gumdrops, but you can use any orange candy or sprinkle you think is carrot-like.


Find the full post with how-tos HERE at Celebrations.



“No really, we’re snowmen.”


“I am NOT a duck.”


“Why will no one believe me?”

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  1. says

    Ha! I just snorted coffee! I’m not a duck lol! It’s those eyes!! I made “spooky” popcorn mix last year and I swear I saw melting chickens instead of spooky eyeballs.

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand let me just tell you how stinking excited I am for you and your little one! I’m so glad everything turned out okay and now you have a little bundle of Christmas joy to cuddle. ♥

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