everything rainbows… in which I share 40 cool rainbow food ideas from others (and me)


Shown above are, clockwise: Unicorn cookie pops (not shown are the rainbow cake and cupcakes), rainbow cookie bites, unmacaron “macaron” cookie pops, sparkly swirly cookie pops, rainbow pound cake, rainbow daisy marshmallow pops, rainbow cookie push pops, sparkly rainbow marshmallow kebobs, and easy candy lollies.

In light of St. Patrick’s Day, I thought I’d devote a little of my time to rainbows. Hmmm. As my 5-year old is not-quite-as-obsessed-as-when-she-was-4-but-still-pretty-obsessed over rainbows, I devote a lot of my time to them. I know it’s hardly novel for a little girl to love rainbows, but I love that she loves rainbows. I sure did as a kid. I remember one of my first science fair projects in elementary school was all about the rainbow.

I share Kermit’s wondering, “Why are there so many songs about rainbows?” Because rainbows are beauty and magic and mystery. And I hear unicorns ride them. And they lead to wealth. Yes, Kermie, some day we’ll find it. That rainbow connection. We’ll get there. Holy hormones, I’m totally going to cry now.

Your first stop on the rainbow tour has to be this Virtual Baby Shower thrown for Violet by 17 crazy-talented bloggers. The theme: Rainbows. Because much as the rainbow leads to a pot o’ gold (I had to), this will lead you to 17 sweet rainbow ideas.

More must-see rainbow awesomeness:

Easy, bright ‘n beautiful, rainbow wrapped marshmallows by Smart School House.

A big, crazy tower of mini rainbow cupcakes by Hoosier Homemade.

Now and forever one of my all-time faves: Rainbow cake pops by Munchkin Munchies.

Simple and pretty rainbow-topped cupcakes from Meet the Dubiens.

How smart is this? Rainbow sugar cookie bark from Mom on Time Out.

Speaking of smart, rainbow frosting cupcakes by Sprinkle Bakes. And with a cherry on top.

Oh fudge, this one has to be in the list. Rainbow paddle pop fudge by Raspberri Cupcakes.

JellO may hold the secret to rainbows. JellO rainbow cookies by I heart Nap Time.

These are two of my favorite things: Rainbow ice cream by Random Thoughts of a SUPERmom!.

Speaking of two of my favorite things: Rainbow chocolate chip cookies by In Katrina’s Kitchen.

I recall being wowwed by these slice and bake rainbow cookies at Good Life Eats ages ago.

I’m a sucker for pudding. How about some rainbow pudding at MAKE.

A good reason to pull out my Babycakes donut maker: Rainbow donuts by Chickabug.




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    Our daughters really should get together sometime :-). Mine has requested rainbow iced cupcakes for her upcoming 5th birthday. Oh, and grape cake. But that’s another story all together. Love all the rainbows!

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