in which I share 12 Easter egg decorating ideas from others


This collection of Easter egg decorating ideas I did for Reader’s Digest a couple years ago is still one of my favorites. I should, of course, mention that in real life we dunk our eggs into some colored vinegar and call it a day, but for blog world, I like to feel more creative.  Below are a bunch of Easter egg decorating ideas that are crazy awesome, in my view.

This one is pretty jaw-dropping. Easter eggs sculptures by Mr. Printables Blog.

Pretty, colorful and glittery. Glitter dipped Easter eggs from Create. Craft. Love.

I must-ache you a question. Do you like these eggs? Mustache eggs from No. 2 Pencil.

I wish I crocheted. Then I’d make beautiful crocheted egg holder ornaments from LVLY.

Something textile-related I could handle: Yarn wrapped eggs from A Place to Land.

Gold and shine and polka dots. Gilded and polka dot Easter eggs from Studio DIY.

No messy dyes needed, just a Sharpie. Doodle Easter eggs from Alisa Burke. And, an even cooler, colorful version with mix and match tops and bottoms.

Everything’s coming up chalkboards these days. Chalkboard paint eggs from

Ridiculously adorable. Sheep eggs by Spoonful.

I’m pretty sure this is my 5 year old’s dream Easter egg. Rhinestone eggs from The Swell Life.





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    Ok, my just-about-to-turn-five year old daughter was actually struck speechless by the rhinestone Easter eggs. Quite a feat. And I think the smiley face eggs are the most awesomest Easter eggs ever. lol

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