bake sale for the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America


And now for something slightly different than my norm… except for the baking part… I need to share with you a very important two-day event. An online bake sale at Wanna be a Country Cleaver to benefit the  Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America.

Inspired by Beka, Crohn’s sufferer and best friend to Megan, of Country Cleaver, Megan gathered 30 plus bloggers to donate treats and sweets and cookbooks and other goodies for your bidding.

See all the goods up for bids, and find all the details to bid HERE at Country Cleaver.



I donated a signed copy of Sugarlicious and 12 swirly cookie pops.

Why? Because I understand what it’s like to suffer from intestinal disease. I lost my colon to Ulcerative Colitis in 1992. Since then, I’ve had several reconstructive surgeries, a few blockages, many a hospital stay, complications with other organs, such as, for example, kidney woes. Oh yeah, and I lost a third of my lung. And by “lost,” I don’t mean misplaced. I mean a surgeon pried open my rib cage to remove a third of my lung. But the colon thing was way worse.

Back before I had the books and blogs, if you were to google “Meaghan Mountford,” the first post–the only post?–that appeared was this essay I wrote for the Journal of General Internal Medicine back in ’03, “Guts, Lungs and Ovaries.” It gives a bit more insight and details on what it means to suffer from this life-threatening disease and on the struggle for survival. But I’ll warn you to check out all the cookies and goodies first before moving on to the gross stuff.

Thank you, Megan, for hosting such a great event!!



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  1. says

    I love how you faced adversity with such bravery, but I love even more how you didn’t use it as an excuse to stay out of the kitchen and deprive us of really, really, really, REALLY cute, cute, CUTE cookies! Thank you!
    I have your book and love it!

  2. Stephanie says

    Thank you for donating! I too have Crohns disease and have 3 cousins who have it as well. Lost some colon almost 15 years ago but have been doing well since!

    • meaghanmountford says

      Thank you Stephanie for sharing! I’m so glad you’re doing well. My grandmother also had UC… crazy genes!

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