flashback friday: “macaron” cookie pops

…In which I share a forgotten treat from the archives.

In scrolling through my past posts, I found some stuff even I forgot I made. In almost five years of blogging, there is a LOT of stuff even I forgot I made. Admittedly, some of it is dreadful. But not all of it was dreadful. There may be a forgotten gem or two in there. I think. Maybe. So welcome to Flashback Friday. Wherein, I shall pull out a treat from the archives.


I forgot about these “macaron” cookie pops. You see, I’ve only tried to make actual macarons once, with, um, limited success. (Note to self: Time to try again.) So instead, I just made faux-macarons. And of course, put them on a stick.

Find the full post, with how-tos HERE.

And if you want to see some real macaron genius, check out all my macaron features HERE.


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