easiest ever flower cupcake toppers


So I made cupcakes for my friend’s daughter’s sixth birthday, and I wanted to dress them up with something. First the now-six year old wanted mermaids. Then maybe Superwoman. Then costumes? I don’t know what I’d have done for that last one. Then she didn’t care. So a 70 percent-off-fake-flower sale at Michaels decided for me.  Maybe more Spring than Summer, but these sure do make a bold statement. And she’s a pretty bold six year old. And the kids loved them. Even some adults loved them.


To make these, I bought some gerber daisy bunches at Michaels and used my good scissors to separate the bunch. I stuck the stems in soapy water, just in case. And then even more just in case, after they dried, I wrapped a small piece of wax paper around the bottom of the stem that would go in the cupcake, secured with a small piece of tape. With a party of twenty-five kids, I figured food-safe dessert was probably a priority. Plus, the wax paper saved the stems from a coat of frosting so the kids could keep them.



Super duper easy, although this would have gone more quickly if I had found the garden clippers for cutting the stems. And the wax paper part is a little tedious. But no fondant sculpting or printer jams. And a bunch of these would be even better to top a cake.



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