picnic cupcakes for Celebrations


Next up in my week of summer cupcake craziness: Ants.

I’m not a very outdoorsy person. Though I have a checklist of outdoorsy stuff I’ve done. I’ve been camping. But only once and never again. I’ve been scuba diving. I hiked up a volcano. I hiked down into the Grand Canyon. All of these admittedly-fun outdoorsy things I’ve also done once. And only once. I’m just not driven to leave my indoor plumbing and outlets.


On a more normal scale, I’ll even eat outside in the summer. I’ll even enjoy eating outside in the summer. I only wish they would invent a personal force shield to keep ants, bees and flies away. These cupcakes embrace the downside of picnicking.

For the how-tos to make picnic cupcakes, click HERE to visit Celebrations.


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