Wednesday Roundup: 20 Un-Cookie Cutter Cookie Cutters (Or, Unusual Finds in Cookie Cutters)

So I’m trying not to short out my computer with falling tears, but… after almost 5 years and over 6,000 posts, I’ve left my beloved gig over at Edible Crafts. I left because I can’t do it all.

This may be a stunning revelation to those of you who know me and see me changing a diaper with one hand while rolling out cookies with the other while folding laundry with my foot and typing with my other foot. You may not know I’m actually a total stressball mess who snaps at my kid for tugging my arm when I’m trying to blog. Or that I stare harder at the computer (yeah, it’s possible) when my husband goes by so he really knows I’m working and can’t be bothered (let alone that I work in the public space in the dining room).  So giving up one of my blogs was the smart thing to do.  With a new baby, a kid out of school for the summer, and some projects I’ve been neglecting, I’ll be able to breathe just a bit easier.

That being said, I’ll miss what I loved most about that job: Staying in touch with the fun food world, spotting trends, collecting and sharing ideas and inspirations and tutorials from clever, crafty bloggers. And so, each Wednesday I’ll post a roundup. An ode to Edible Crafts, if you will. In now way will this rival what I did for Craft Gossip, but it will be a small way for me to keep in touch.

Of course, this Wednesday I’m cheating. I’m only sharing with you an interesting roundup I did for another gig I have over at Houzz.Yep, no additional work done here. Hmmm, maybe I really AM changing!

Here are 20 cookie cutters that are pretty dang unusual, even for cookie cutters, which as many of you know, come in every shape imaginable nowadays.

CLICK HERE to go to the roundup and sources.

 cookie cutters


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    I have had the Ninjabread Men for a couple years now. I make them constantly. It is especially fun to slip them into baby shower trays (boy or girl…makes no difference) and birthday collections. Just change their outfits to match the color scheme. (Sorry, I really love the Ninjas.)

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