Flashback Friday: 10 fall treats and sweets from the archives

fall treats and sweets

O’ Autumn. Every year I await your arrival. Your crisp breezes. Your break from the heat and humidity. Your aroma of cinnamon. Your ample apple picking opportunities. Your leaves on my yard. Fall is my season. And yet, when I look back over the years, Fall holds some of my most difficult memories. It was in Fall twenty years ago when I first became so ill I spent the season in ICU. There was that one Fall when IVF kept failing and failing and I was devastated. Loved ones that I have lost and those I love have lost most often have happened in Fall. My husband left for Iraq in the Fall of 2004. And my birthday is in Fall, which for many is a festive time, but for me, has always been fraught with angst of aging. Which means Fall must be one, crazy-strong season to still be my favorite.

And so, Autumn, I’ll always give you a chance.

Here are some of my favorite fall-themed treats and sweets from the archives:


caramel apple cookie pops

caramel apple chip lollipops

apple pie bites on a stick

apple and pumpkin marshmallow pops

fall marshmallows

mini fall cookies

falling leaves cookies

owl cookie pops

silly squirrel cookies

fairy woodland cupcake wrappers


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