happy holidays and happy new year!

Oh hello there, folks in the real world. ‘Tis the season to be way too busy, so I (and I hope you, as well) are taking off (mostly) until the New Year. I hope this is a joyous time for all!

Here are some treats from the past. Oh, the past. How fondly I remember you. New Year’s is my least favorite holiday, because I’m one for nostalgia. One to bemoan the passing years. One to gripe about how old I am. One to hate change, even if change is sometimes good. I’ve been this way since birth, so I won’t try and mend my ways. But I will still happily celebrate the arrival of 2014 while sipping wine and dining on a Danish meal with great company at my neighbor’s house. I’ll just secretly be a little sad that 2013 is already gone. Don’t feel too bad for 2014, though, as I’ll feel the same way about the upcoming year next New Year’s.


thedecoratedcookie.newyearscookiepops - Copy

These clocks are from 2008! One of my first posts. I still love ’em, though they are five years old. Find the how-tos to make almost midnight cookie pops HERE.



Make sparkle marshmallow pops HERE. And see the video how to make them HERE.

I’ll be back the first week of January with some winter treats. See you then!





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