flashback: mustachioed marshmallow snowmen

wm_mustachesnowmen (2)

Awww… after three months of cultivating the perfect Civil-War era mustache, my husband endured the agony of shaving off his project. Poor guy. He had a rare break between army jobs, and hence the opportunity to grow the ‘stache. And now it’s gone. But not to worry, that mustache was celebrated magnificently. You see, we actually traveled to Gettysburg PA to have a family photo taken 19th century style. He even sat still for a long 17 seconds to have his photo taken with an actual 19th century camera.

So here’s a flashback to honor the memory of the mustache. Anyone remember these mustachioed marshmallow snowman?

See the entire post in detail HERE.

wm_mustachesnowmen (1)

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