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roundup from the archives: St. Patrick’s Day and rainbows


Technically (er, genetically), I’m half Irish. But really, I’m 100 percent New Jersey. Although, I guess I’ve been in Washington DC long enough to be about 50 percent NJ and 50 percent DC. But still, I’m happy to have a beer on a St. Patrick’s Day and revel with the Irish.

Find some cool facts about St. Patrick’s Day¬† HERE at the History Channel. Such as Ireland’s patron saint never drove snakes out of Ireland, since there are no snakes in Ireland. The Pagans, maybe, but not the snakes. He was also born in Britain. And Shamrocks aren’t real, though clover of course is.

Below are some treats in green I’ve created from St. Patrick’s Day. I’m also throwing in some rainbow goodies for the tricky trickster leprechauns.

wm_stpatricksday_snackmix (2)Most recently, I made shamrock and Guinness snack mix.


wm.stpatrickspops1easy shamrock candy pops


stplaid (3)plaid for St. Patrick cookies


stp.fg_mini St. Patrick’s cookies and a leprechaun


rainbow cookiesmini rainbow cookies and more here


rainbow marshmallow pops

rainbow marshmallow kabobs


wm.rainbowpoundcake1rainbow pound cake


jolly rancher lollipopseasy lollipops from candy


wm.rainbowcuppy3rainbow cake and cupcakes







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  1. Posted March 3, 2014 at 2:41 pm | Permalink

    Love the St. Patrick’s Day roundup! Love the Leprechaun cookie.

  2. meaghanmountford
    Posted March 4, 2014 at 7:52 am | Permalink

    Thank you Jessica!

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