GIVEAWAY: Amanda Rettke’s “Decorating from the Inside Out” class at Craftsy


UPDATE: Congratulations to Paul! He won Amanda’s class. Enjoy!

I’m kind of, sort of–OK, a lot–giddy about the giveaway I have for you today. I’m giving away the Decorating from the Inside Out  with Amanda Rettke class on Craftsy.

I have long adored the work of Amanda Rettke, the sweets genius behind i am baker, and I have wanted to spend an afternoon in the kitchen with her for just as long. Not in a creepy kind of way. Maybe in a little bit of a creepy kind of way. But in my defense, have you seen her cakes? Her new cookbook, Surprise-Inside Cakes,  is finally in stores. In it, she shows you how to build cakes that hold cute and clever secrets inside, revealed in every slice.  We can all have her in our kitchens, because she’s teaching a video course showing you real, live, and in person how to make surprise-inside cakes.


The class, valued at $29.99, is comprised of six high-def video lessons you can access anytime, anyhow, anywhere you like to fit your pace, your schedule and your life. Included are downloadable materials, such as recipes and supply lists, hours of close-up instruction, and answers from Amanda herself in the virtual classroom. Your access NEVER expires.

The class is divided by cake so you can watch how to make each one step-by-step. You’ll learn to make The Birthday Candle cake.



The Bumblebee cake:



The Love cake:



The Triangle Pattern cake:



And the Rainbow Heart cake. Oh, rainbow heart cake. I think I love you most of all:



AND you’ll learn not just how to build your cake on the inside, but how to pipe the Amanda’s famous buttercream designs on the outside.





To enter the giveaway, CLICK HERE to visit Craftsy, and follow the instructions.

Deadline to enter: Friday, April 11th, midnight EST.

Good luck!!

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post and Craftsy has paid for its placement. But as always, I’ll never, ever promote anything I don’t think is awesome or truly helpful to you. And I think this is awesome and truly helpful to you.


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  1. Tessie says

    About the giveaway. I click the link to visit Craftsy and when I go there I cannot find the instructions. Please can you help me?
    Thank you!

    • meaghanmountford says

      Hi Tessie! If you click the link, you should see “Enter to win a Cake Decorating Class, Courtesy of The Decorated Cookie,” and then underneath of it you put your email and create a password, then click to enter. Hopefully that works! If not, let me know and I’ll see if I can figure out what’s wrong!

  2. readon misango says

    u hav a fabulous work realy luv it n wish had an opportunity to attend your artistic n work. May the Almighty God this splendid work. Blessings

  3. Tessie says

    Hello again,
    eventually it worked. I was trying to enter from my phone, but now that i tryied from my laptop it worked. Thanke you so much!

    p.s.: fingers crossed!!!

    • meaghanmountford says

      Oh phew! And good to know that it might not work from the phone. Thanks so much for being persistent!!! Good luck! :)

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