19 cupcakes, cookies and marshmallows for SUMMER

summer desserts

SUMMER! Can anyone exclaim “summer!” anymore without thinking of Olaf singing “SHUMMER!”? I sure can’t. Even though I’m all about Fall and Winter and the cold, the number of Summer-themed treats on my blog belies this. It looks like I actually like summer.  But this grumpy gal doesn’t like to sweat. Speaking of not sweating, I pretty much just swiped this roundup from last year.


 Cupcakes, cupcakes, cupcakes:

summer cupcakes

Easy crab cupcakes, picnic cupcakes, beach cupcakes, ice box cupcakes.


Summer classics as cookies:


watermelon cookies, lemonade cookies, popsicle cookies, cookie ice cream cones.



Frozen stuff:


frozen yogurt pops, ice cream sandwich pops.





S’mores on a stick, s’mores pops, self-reflective s’mores.



Beach creatures:


Starfish cookies, crab and fish cupcake toppers, turtle cookies.



Get outside:


Baseball cookie pops, camping cookies, mini tennis cookies.

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