GIVEAWAY: The Complete Photo Guide to CANDY MAKING and How to Make Painted Chocolates


UPDATE: Congratulations to Debby! Her comment was randomly drawn to win. Thank you all for participating!


I’m always so impressed by the work and books by Autumn Carpenter, co-owner of Country Kitchen SweetArt, a cake and candy supply store, or a haven for folks like us.Her books are packed with information that is easy to access, exactly what the reader needs, never overwhelming, and always thorough.  The Complete Photo Guide to Candy Making is precisely all these things. Over 600 photographs guide you so you need never be intimidated by tempering chocolate or candy thermometers.  This book is especially handy for beginners (both nervous and brave) to use as an essential reference.

Here is everything covered, with about a jillion details in between:

All the basics and supplies you need — working with chocolate and cooked candies, including the sugar stages — dipped treats, barks and clusters (such as strawberries, pretzels, barks and adding decorations) — fudge — caramels — toffees, brittles, and hard candy — candy centers and fondant — truffles and ganache centers — marshmallows, divinity and mints — miscellaneous candies such as marzipan, gummies and taffy — troubleshooting tips (even the tiniest of details such as how to trim chocolate puddles from your dipped treats) — how to store candy and give as gifts.

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painted chocolate

WHAT I MADE: Pretty painted chocolates

I found this simple candy mold in the craft store, then I followed the instructions in the book for making molded chocolate, including the tips on how to “paint” details. Easy peasy, instant treats.

painted chocolate

I used candy melts in varying colors, available from the craft store. For the flowers, I melted just a few discs of each color in the microwave. With a small paint brush, I “painted” a flower design in the mold with the melted chocolate and let it set well.

wm_flower_candy_howto (1)


Then, I filled a disposable decorating bag (available at the craft store) with white candy melts, melted in the microwave, snipped a bit off of the tip and piped to fill each cavity. Pick up and tap the mold on the counter a few times and let the candy set well, about an hour or two. Then I popped them out, and that’s it.

wm_flower_candy_howto (2)

wm_flower_chocolates (1)



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  1. Michele Jones says

    My children and I would be able to have lots of fun with this. We love to make candies for holiday sharing. :)

  2. Edit Churchill says

    This book looks awesome!! I have always loved making different chocolates, so would love to be able to try new ideas out!

  3. says

    I’d love to win this book as candy and chocolate making/tempering is quite the passion of mine.

    Oh, and you just reminded me that I forgot to buy myself a peanut butter cup mold when I placed my US Amazon order. Ugh, duh me.

    As you know, I’m not a US resident but I do have a US friend that’s willing to ship it over. So *if* I win, it can be sent to a US address. I’m assuming that it’s still cool for me to enter?

  4. Sarah Nelson says

    It doesn’t seem like something so pretty could be that easy. I’m amazed that it is! Makes me wonder what else I’ve been staying away from because I thought it was way too challenging.

  5. ColleenB. ~ Texas says

    Love your pretty painted chocolates. They are adorable.
    I would dearly love to win this.
    Thank you for this wonderful giveaway opportunity

  6. Shannon Nelson says

    I love making candy and my family loves it when I make it. Would love to win this and learn how to make new candies.

  7. Lisa says

    Those are pretty. I love new ideas that aren’t too time comuming! I tend to have too many ideas and not enough hours.

  8. Veronica rodriguez says

    Would luv this! Looking for cute ideas for my boys birthday party! Thanks for the opportunity.

  9. monica A says

    I love making candy than buying store bought. It’s fun and your look like the almighty candy superhero in their eyes.

  10. Patty says

    It looks like an awesome book and I’d love to win it and not be so afraid of candy making! Thanks!

  11. Kelsey says

    Looks like fun! I keep a bowl of candy on my desk at work; it’d be great to fill it with my own designs!

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