inside Sugarlicious: fairy woodland petits fours and marshmallows

fondant fairy scene

With my new handy, dandy, fancy blog schedule (over there in the sidebar) meant to keep me organized, Fridays are devoted to the archives. I have 5 1/2 years of sweets on here and they get lost so quickly. These strolls down memory lane are probably more for me than for you, as I care more that stuff gets lost. Heck, with 8,765,318,209 ideas on the internet for decorating sweet things, everything gets lost. So really, I’m making you indulge my nostalgia. And I adore you for your patience. Thank you for stepping back with me.

Sugarlicious was published over two years ago, so glimpses inside can be considered “archives,” right? This scene is one of my favorite pictures from the book. It’s pretty much just about playing with fondant.  I remember setting up the the Astroturf, the toadstools and caterpillars on my dining room table with the photographer. Than arranging. And rearranging. And moving things underneath the astroturf to give bumps. Then taking shots and rearranging and doing it all again. I think the pink background was my photographer’s idea. I was going to go with the obvious blue. So glad I listened to her. Each one of those photos took at least an hour of painstaking love and attention.




The tree stumps are circles of pound cake stacked with icing and wrapped in fondant, then shaped like trees and painted with wavy lines for “bark” using a small paint brush dipped in brown food coloring. The critters and flowers are fondant. The toadstools are marshmallows topped with fondant circles.





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