some cookie daisies for you today

daisy decorated cookies

Here’s a quick ray of sunshine for you. Breath of fresh air? Dash of salt? Whatever you need today. I made these to donate to a fundraising event for the Calvary Women’s shelter here in Washington DC. I have a friend who works to make the event a success for this amazing place. Learn more about Calvary here and see how you can help here.

daisy decorated cookies


Want to make some daisy cookies?

To make daisy cookies, I first made cookies with a daisy cutter, baked and let cool. I then prepared my royal icing, divided and tinted white, yellow, pink, lime green and orange with my Americolor Soft Gel Pastes (Bright White, Egg Yellow, Electric Pink, Electric Green and Orange). Prepare disposable decorating bags with couplers and size “3” or “4” tips. I piped a circle of yellow, then I outlined and piped to fill the petals in white. I used a stiffer icing to outline, then thinned the icing a bit to pipe the inside of the petals. Between each petal I added a little squeeze-and-pull petal with a color of icing. For basic cookie decorating tips, click HERE. For tips on finding supplies, click HERE.

daisy decorated cookies




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