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blue lemonade for Celebrations, with or without the booze

The next drink I made for Celebrations to celebrate the 4th of July can be either with or without alcohol. So everyone is covered. All I did was turn lemonade blue. That, and add a watermelon star stirrer (aka watermelon pop). For the how-tos to make blue lemonade (with or without alcohol), click HERE to […]

Pop Rocks shooters for Celebrations

Well, one celebration specifically. The 4th of July of course. I’m not exactly known for mixology (except maybe in college, wink wink), so if I can make these layered drinks, trust me, anyone can. If I was better at it, I’d have done three layers: Red, white and blue. But I sort of cheated and […]

Father’s Day Idea: DIY Beer Art by My Kid

My husband loves beer. Craft beers, cheap beers, not cheap beers, bottled beers, canned beers, domestic beers, imported beers, even brewing beer, anything beer. So what better Father’s Day gift from my daughter than beer? But she’s only five. Even if she could get a fake ID, she can’t drive and has no money or […]

in which I share lots of links to other places…

As we head into the weekend, if you’re looking for something to do edible-wise, I thought I’d share a bunch of ideas I’ve been posting over at my other blog. Just click the picture to go to the post with all the links to clever, cool bloggers out there coming up with clever, cool ideas. […]

kale smoothies with HERSHEY’S chocolate syrup

Look at me getting all healthy-like. Except for that cookie sitting on the rim. First I had trail mix oat bites. Now kale smoothies. I’m even taking a Baby Fit yoga class with Violet. Next I’m so joining a gym and buying spandex shorts. Probably not that last sentence. But I did buy yoga pants. […]