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Halloween Cupcakes: candy corn cupcakes for Celebrations

This week it’s all about the Halloween cupcakes folks. I’ll highlight a different cupcake each day that I made for Celebrations. First up, the easiest ever cupcake decoration: Smashed up candy corn. That’s it. Find the how-tos to make crushed candy corn cupcakes HERE at Celebrations. Feel free to share (nicely)! While my blog’s photographs […]

Just for Kix: roasting pumpkin seeds and Kix-pumpkin seed trail mix

As a former nerd of academia, I liked this particular post for Kix Cereal. I got to do research on roasting pumpkin seeds. Do you soak your pumpkin seeds overnight before roasting? I never had. So I tried them both ways, this time. Find the how-tos for roasting pumpkin seeds, loads of seasoning-combo ideas, and […]

Wednesday Roundup: 30 spider-themed crafts and treats for Halloween

Part Two of my guest post for is up and waiting for fellow arachnophobes to shudder. 30 brave, seemingly fearless bloggers who create all kinds of clever things that have eight legs.   Find my roundup of 30 spider-themed treats and crafts, click HERE. Feel free to share (nicely)! While my blog’s photographs and […]

easy Oreo Cakester spiders, my guest post for (sniffle)

Three months after I left my dear gig as editor of Edible Crafts, I went back for a visit. Join me today to learn to make super easy Oreo Cakester spiders.  All you need are some Oreo Cakesters, candy eyes, black licorice lace and something sticky (corn syrup, frosting, whatever makes your eyes stick). For […]

Flashback Friday: 15 Halloween treats from the archives

Next to maybe Christmas, Halloween is the season for a fun food blogger. The creepy licorice legs, the monsters and all the fruity blood, the candy eyes, Oh! the candy eyes. There are 8,456, 107 ideas out there for spooky Halloween treats. Probably more actually. Here are a few from the archives that are my […]