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spa cookies for a birthday party

Aaaahhh… don’t we all need a day at the spa? I sure could. My last spa visit didn’t go so well. The same spa I’ve been going to for eyebrow, um, “reshaping” (ie brutal waxing) for years has changed management. What was once a laid back, non-spa-like spa is now a spa-like spa. My former […]

bow tie bunny cookies for Haniela’s Easter Extravaganza

  I’m back with what’s quickly becoming a seasonal tradition. Last Spring it was all about flowers. This Winter it was all about snowflakes. Now Haniela’s has brought us all together again with Easter treats and crafts. And there are a whole bunch of us this year. Which means a whole bunch of ideas for […]

heart sprinkles

Homemade sprinkles are certainly not an innovation of this blog. I’ve seen tons all over the web. If memory serves correctly (and I’m lucky my memory is recorded over at my other gig),  these rainbow sprinkles from Brave Tart were my first introduction to the DIY sprinkle. I had some leftover bags of red, pink […]

Cookie HQ at HERSHEY’S Kitchens: My Video and Photo Shoot

You probably don’t know this, but last month I was treated to a  fantabulous trip to the Hershey’s Headquarters? Wait, you might know. Because I talked about it HERE. And HERE. And HERE. Sheesh. I talk too much. Anyway,  I joined a dozen bloggers to make yummy holiday videos in the Hershey’s Test Kitchens with […]

easy snowman cookie pops for Celebrations

 While I’m off having a baby in the hospital and through the magic of pre-posting, I’ll share with you a few posts I made (ages ago, because I’m that prepared) for Celebrations! First up… OK, so maybe these look just a little bit like ducks. Maybe. But how many ducks wear felt scarves?  I’m hoping […]