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how to draw on food… ending the confusion about edible writers

Those of you who have been here before may already know this, but I have a thing for drawing on food with edible writers. Particularly marshmallows. See? HERE. I came up with this idea almost two years ago in the midst of a housing search when our belongings were in storage, we were living in […]

Oreo Cakester daisy petit fours… and a free bug topper printable

That’s a long title, but lots to cover in something so small. It’s been a looooong time since I made you fondant covered Oreo Cakester petit fours. Yikes, I first came up with these way back HERE almost two years ago. I include this idea in the book, so thought I would revisit them again […]

easy Peeps cupcakes

This post will be short and sweet because these cupcakes are insanely easy to decorate. If “decorate” is even the word. I spotted edible Easter grass at Target and immediately thought of these, so I reached over 3 feet and got some Peeps bunnies, too. The edible grass tastes sorta funny, so I used it […]

pretty pink daisy petit fours

I made these pink petit fours with only store-bought things. I never buy those 100-calorie pack treats and sweets. To me, if you’re going to eat three of them, what’s the point of all that packaging? But then I saw these packs of cute little pink frosted strawberry cupcakes at Target and I couldn’t resist. […]

bunny meets carrot (little fondant toppers)

These little fondant bunnies and carrots are easy to make. Use them to top cupcakes, cookies, cakes, candy… Crush chocolate wafers and sprinkle over brown or chocolate frosting to make “dirt,” if desired. I just stuck them on top of these New Oreo Fudge Cremes, which I can’t find anywhere online, but I think they […]