recipes and how-tos

Here you’ll find links to recipes, tips on finding supplies and basic how-to instructions for decorating sweets.



cut-out cookie recipes

royal icing and frosting

marshmallow fondant

vegan cut-out cookies and icing

ice box cake and ice box cupcakes

trail mix bites

baked doughnuts and maple trail mix doughnuts

healthy trail mix cookies

banana-oatmeal 2-ingredient cookie pops

good for you banana oatmeal chocolate bar cookies

 homemade SpaghettiOs

cocoa crackle cookies

gingerbread whoopie pies

homemade goldfish crackers



all about edible writers

all about food coloring

supplies and where to buy them

more essential supplies for baking and decorating sweets

building a cookie cutter collection



5 tips to make cookie decorating EASY

guide to mix and match sweets, toppings and decorations

all about edible writers

all about food coloring

basic cookie decorating

how to make cookie pops

how to pipe frosting on cupcakes

how to make a cookie arrangement

tips on painting a watercolor effect on cookies and cupcakes

tips on decorating cookies with kids

step-by-step guide to decorating Christmas cookies