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Tag Archives: 1980s

Frogger video game cookies

As some of you may know, every year I make my brother cookies for his birthday. In short, he’s a fan of superheros and old school video games. And so, I’ve already made superhero cookies and Pac-Man cookies. This year, I’m all about Frogger. We were an Intellivision family, not an Atari family. But Frogger was one […]

August from the archives: I love the ’80s cookies

So I’m joining the rest of DC and checking out for a week in August. My kids are driving me insane. My house is a mess. It’s hot. I’m bothered. I’m doing something I never do… I’m taking a break. I’m using the “advice column method.” When advice columnists are on vacation, they post past […]

zebra print cookies and turning 13

The year:  1985. The age: 13. My first year at Fisher Junior High. Middle school. Lockers. Homeroom. Pre-teen angst at its most dangerous. (Don’t ever take me back, Delorean time machine.) Leg warmers, lace fingerless gloves, Jelly shoes. Hair soaked in Aquanet. The Rubik’s Cube smashed in frustration. Reagan in the White House. The Breakfast […]

how to draw on food: I love the ’80s cookies

I know, I’m a broken record about being a kid of the ’80s. We get it, Meaghan, you’re a kid of the ’80s. You wore leg warmers and wigwam socks and jelly bracelets and Forenza sweaters. You listened to Men at Work and REM and the Smiths and Duran Duran and Tears for Fears and […]

pac man and arcade cookies

My brother is turning 40. Wow. And I’m not far behind. Sigh. (Scratch that, turned 40. I wrote this in January.) My brother is a video game fanatic. He has an old school arcade game console in his basement that he somehow magically rigged up with a computer loaded with every arcade game ever invented. […]