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Tag Archives: Airheads

melting snowmen made out of Airheads candy

I needn’t bore you yet again with my dramatic woe-is-me about having invented the melting snowman cookie back in 2008 (affectionately named Mr. Melty), and then watching him go viral on the internet, having some unpleasant exchanges with those who feel no need to give credit, and then seeing Mr. Melty in national magazines and […]

snowman marshmallow pops with Airheads accessories

Sugar, sugar, more sugar!!! I don’t get nearly enough. The Airheads candy company sent me a box of sweets through my other gig at Edible Crafts, and so I dressed up some snowman marshmallow pops. Wanna see how I made them? CLICK HERE for the how-tos at Edible Crafts. Feel free to share (nicely)! While […]