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Tag Archives: apples

from the archives: 9 fabulous treats for Fall

O’ Fall, you’re finally here (I mean on my blog, if not in DC yet). Away with you, humidity and stifling heat of summer. I like your laziness, but I’m ready for apple picking and crisp breezes and pulling out my boots. Here are some of my favorite fall treats from the blog. As always, […]

apple pie bites on a stick for Fall

When I was a kid, I used to dream of owning an apple orchard when I grew up. (Or, more specifically, I dreamed of being an architect veterinarian who owned an apple orchard.) I live in the heart of a major city, Washington DC, so no apple orchard for me. Though I do like to […]

easy sparkly apple and pumpkin marshmallow pops

These apple and pumpkin marshmallow pops take mere seconds to make. I made the pumpkin pops for Celebrations. They are easy easy easy. I mean, really easy. For the full post, with how-tos, click HERE to go to Celebrations. For apples, follow the same how-tos as the pumpkins, just switch up the sprinkle colors to […]

mod apple tree cookie pops (at celebrations)

I may have mentioned, I can’t be sure, that I started contributing posts over at Celebrations. Now, this doesn’t mean I’m abandoning all of you. Not in the slightest. I can post everywhere. Here, there, over there. It just means I’ll be more tired. But that’s where coffee comes in. Back to cookies… Here’s one […]

mini fall cookies

I spotted these super cute mini fall cookie cutters at the craft store and snatched them up. They’d be pretty precious in a mason jar, no? To decorate, I made my dough, my icing, used Americolor soft gel pastes (Chocolate Brown, Orange, Red, Egg Yellow and Electric Green), then filled frosting bags fitted with couplers […]