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Tag Archives: Autumn

Flashback Friday: 10 fall treats and sweets from the archives

O’ Autumn. Every year I await your arrival. Your crisp breezes. Your break from the heat and humidity. Your aroma of cinnamon. Your ample apple picking opportunities. Your leaves on my yard. Fall is my season. And yet, when I look back over the years, Fall holds some of my most difficult memories. It was […]

apple pie bites on a stick for Fall

When I was a kid, I used to dream of owning an apple orchard when I grew up. (Or, more specifically, I dreamed of being an architect veterinarian who owned an apple orchard.) I live in the heart of a major city, Washington DC, so no apple orchard for me. Though I do like to […]

from the archives: ideas for fall

The kid in school, Labor Day, an ever so slight chill in the air (balanced by a post-storm, stifling humidity, but still, I think that chill is hiding there)… Fall is just about here. And none to soon, in my view. It’s my favorite season. Just to tide you all over as I’m knee deep […]