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Tag Archives: baking

chocolate chip cookie… no, wait, I mean, OREO® chip cookies

Here’s the tale of how these came about. Given the material on this blog, I think it’s clear I’m not a health food nut. I do eat a relatively balanced diet. I eat green things every day. I rarely (if ever) overindulge on anything. But don’t take away my mac n’ cheese, white wine, cheese […]

two-ingredient biscuits, I think I love you

What I mean to say is, Sue of Munchkin Munchies, I know I love you. Sure, you’re kind and giving and creative and clever and have a great blog and all that. But the real reason I love you? These two-ingredient biscuits I found on your site have ended a years-long search for the perfect […]

so, so very many peaches

This week, on a rare, non-stifling day in August here in Washington, DC, I took my daughters to pick peaches. Now, my daughter doesn’t actually eat peaches, mind you, but she loves to pick them. Clearly. Every time I turned around there were more and more peaches in the box. I’m not really a big […]

essential tools for baking and decorating: my roundup for Houzz

Since my latest roundup over at Houzz is relevant to all of you interested in baking and decorating sweets, I had to share here, too. Of course you could also make sure to own Sugarlicious which has an even more comprehensive list of all the tools you’ll need, as well as a way longer Resources […]