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Tag Archives: beach

easy cupcake crabs for Celebrations

This week I’m devoting to cupcakes. Specifically, I’m sharing theĀ  Summer cupcake ideas I made for Celebrations. More specifically, you can already find them all over at Celebrations, but I’m still devoting 5 separate posts to them because gosh dang it, I like them and they each deserve some spotlight. I made all these in […]

gumdrop crab and fish cupcake toppers

So summer is definitely here, according to the outdoor thermometer that is currently reading 96.6 degrees. I’m a mess in the heat. Crabby (oh, hey, that’s a good word considering this post), irritable, complainer of heat I am. Griper of A/C turned up too high. Groaner at the hair frizzing humidity, the sweat causing blazes, […]

don’t forget to visit me tomorrow… a sneak peek

Just a reminder for all of you in the Washington DC, Northern Virginia area… I’ll be at the SugarCube sweets shop in Alexandria tomorrow, Saturday the 26th, from 11 am to 1 pm. Here’s a little sneak peek at what some of the beach-themed treats I’ll be showing you how to make. And then stick […]

a shore thing…. candy clay shells

Much as I like what fondant does, I just can’t get into the taste. I’ve been playing around with candy clay instead. Not quite as user friendly as fondant, and while, like fondant, it’s super sweet, it’s definitely better tasting than the alternative. I’ll be sure to post more ideas on how to decorate with […]