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Tag Archives: beer

Guinness and shamrock St. Patrick’s Day snack mix

Oh, St. Patrick’s Day. I remember you. I mean, the real you. Going to the Irish pub in the morning and staying there all day drinking green beer just because it’s a day you sanction for doing such a thing. Those days are in the past (thanks a lot, 1 year old and 6 year […]

Father’s Day Idea: DIY Beer Art by My Kid

My husband loves beer. Craft beers, cheap beers, not cheap beers, bottled beers, canned beers, domestic beers, imported beers, even brewing beer, anything beer. So what better Father’s Day gift from my daughter than beer? But she’s only five. Even if she could get a fake ID, she can’t drive and has no money or […]

luck o’ the cookie…. st. paddy’s day minis and a leprechaun

Here ye go, celebrators o’ St. Patrick’s day. Cookies: baby Guinness pints with bite-size green swirls  little rainbows with bite-size sprinkly gold coinsa clever li’l leprechaun A warning to all ye cookie decorators, the leprechaun is a wee bit more time-consuming, but I included him by special request for a reader (just for “Autumn in […]

peeps beer party

My husband likes beer. So it made sense to decorate his birthday cake with beer. As the real stuff gets too soggy, I tried making little fondant beer decor. Then all these leftover Peeps (from Easter, but I believe Peeps to have an infinite shelf life) crashed the party. how to make fondant beer mugs […]

mac n’ cheese n’ beer n’ one angry cookie

Now this really has nothing to do with cookies. But at the request of Bridget (see “what’s for dinner” below), I thought I’d share my personal mac n’ cheese with beer recipe. I am obsessed with/addicted to mac n’ cheese. Whenever I find it on a menu anywhere I order it. If I know I’m […]