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Tag Archives: birds

roundup from the archives: 22 SPRING treats and sweets

While patches of snow still cover the ground here in Washington DC, it’s time to post the roundup from the archives anyway. Maybe that will encourage the birds to come back. Though I not so secretly don’t mind that the groundhog saw his shadow. I like winter. It’s quieter and cozier. Although the amount of […]

spring treat roundup from the archives

Geez, I’ve done a lot for Spring in the past few years. Which is funny since I much prefer Winter. I know, I know, I’m the lone person out there for whom this is true. But snow is so dang pretty, I never tire of it. Just wish we actually got some this year. And […]

birdie and birdhouse painted cookies…lest ye be forgotten

Does anyone out there get the Cake Central Magazine? If so, can you look at the October issue and tell me if you spot these cookies in it? Cake Central found me, contacted me and asked me to paint some cookies for the issue. So I rolled out, cut, baked, sugared up, painted, drew, propped […]

poured sugar icing and some birdie cookies

These birdies are the result of my experimenting with poured sugar icing, that is, an icing you pour rather than spread or pipe. Usually, poured sugar is used to coat petits fours, but I used it to coat cookies. the pros of poured sugar icing: quick, easy, tasty, beautiful smooth coat the cons: I felt […]