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Tag Archives: bite-size

Christmas present cookie bites for Celebrations

  While I’m off having a baby in the hospital and through the magic of pre-posting, I’ll share with you a few posts I made  for Celebrations! Next up…   You may not be able to tell from the photograph, but these cookies are small. A mere 1 1/2 inches square, to be precise. And they […]

glittery mason jar cookie gifts and a great holiday giveaway

Sparkle, shimmer and glitter! Despite the annoying specks of glitter that inevitably will sit for weeks on your carpet. And your table. And your hands. And your forehead, I love the sparkle and shimmer of glitter. That’s why I use sprinkles so much when I decorate cookies (that and it’s an easy decorating tool that […]

bite-size tennis cookies in a jar

  A couple months back I made my mom bite-size cookies in a jar that pictured all her interests and hobbies. (Remember? Here they are.) She put in a request for tennis-themed bite-size cookies in a jar, and I couldn’t refuse. We’re all tennis players in my family. Or rather, in my case, used to […]

just a reminder, some sweets for the Olympics

  These are likely still fresh in your memory, but given the Summer Olympics are right around the corner, I figured a little reminder wouldn’t hurt. That and I’m nowhere near my own kitchen to make something new, since my daughter and I are currently living as nomads from grandparent’s house to grandparent’s house while […]

swirl cookies for the 4th of July

  My favorite cookies to decorate: Bite-size circles with swirls and sprinkles. Easy, cute, and you can choose any color to match any event. Like, say, red, white and blue for the 4th of July. And if things get busy in the next month, you can make these any time and freeze. Just place in […]