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cyber-bullying… a trend that’s changing everything

There is a new, damaging trend going on. Facebook pages are popping up claiming to be “recipe sharing” sites. These sites post photographs and full recipes, or photographs with all the step-by-steps shown, multiple times daily. These pages are garnering tens of thousands of “likes,” in some cases hundreds of thousands, even over a million, […]

the best ever RAINBOW baby shower… for ME!!! a huge thank you, blog world friends!!!

  WOW! OK, people, now I cry easily, so you know I was bawling when I turned on my computer and realized that the most awesome and sweet sweets bloggers created a virtual baby shower–in rainbow, my favorite and my first daughter’s favorite, no less–just for me!!! Every time I think the blog world is […]

my trip to Hershey’s headquarters

I’ve hinted about my trip to Hershey, PA and the awesomeness of it all, and I have more to come with actual sweet treats, but this is a quick recap of the said awesomeness. I was invited to join 11 other bloggers at  Hershey’s Headquarters for a few days to create a video and photo […]

All-Time Favorite Cookie Recipes from 14 Bloggers

Because you can never have too many cookie recipes in your cookie jar, especially recipes that have been tested and tasted and labeled as “favorites” by bloggers you know and love… Be sure to check out these 14 recipes from 14 bloggers over at Best Friends for Frosting. And yeah, I’m in that bunch, too. […]

how blogging can be like middle school (which wasn’t all bad, right?)

Blogging is  impacting the world of publishing more and more, I think, as evidenced by the slew of talented bloggers getting book deals. Bloggers are demonstrating that they can convey their creativity to others and publishers have taken notice. These worlds of computer and paper are colliding.   So today I thought I’d tackle the way-too-huge-to-tackle […]